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Office Fit-outs

High-quality, high-speed office fit-out services

Whether you’re a business owner, Landlord or Developer, we can transform your existing space into something more profitable and more purposeful. We have three decades of experience delivering outstanding CAT A, CAT A+ and CAT B fit-outs – and our team are committed to delivering on time and on budget.

We don’t dream.
We deliver.

Experts in CAT A, CAT A+ and CAT B projects, our team create flexible spaces fit for the future.

Dieter WoodManaging Director

Maximum value. Minimum disruption.

High-quality office fit-out services for landlords.

No longer content to sign up to restrictive leases, most businesses are looking for flexible spaces which can evolve as they do. We know how to build the spaces they love.

From the second we’re engaged we focus on balancing speed and quality of delivery. We call it Perfection at Pace – delivering high-speed, high-quality construction projects underpinned by three decades of experience and expertise. 

Over 30 years we’ve perfected the way we partner with commercial landlords and developers to:

  1. Design with their ideal tenant in mind
  2. Increase the value of their asset through higher rent rates
  3. Maximise lettable space
  4. Reduce gaps in occupation
  5. Reduce operational costs
  6. Improve their sustainability credentials

Spaces that bring out the best in your people.

High-quality commercial office fit-outs.

We know an office fit-out can feel like a daunting project, so we work closely with you to lock down budgets, tighten up timelines and give you a crystal-clear picture of what to expect from your bespoke new workspace.

Over 30 years we’ve perfected the way we partner with businesses to:

  1. Bring out the best in their briefs
  2. Identify a clear vision of their future
  3. Design destination workspaces that fit their ambitions
  4. Help align internal stakeholders
  5. Maximise their budgets
  6. Deliver fit-outs in occupation
  7. Seamlessly onboard people into their new office
  8. Offer ongoing post-completion support

Excellence in every category

Category A

CAT A fit-outs typically involve creating a functional yet empty space – a blank canvas for interior designers to work their magic on.

A standard CAT A project would be undertaken on behalf of a landlord who wants a finished-yet-feature-free space to market to prospective tenants; an empty space completed up to a point where a tenant can engage an interior designer to create a habitable office.

A finished CAT A project will have all the necessary infrastructure and finishes in place, including water, power, toilets, fire detection systems and painted walls.

Category A+

Increasingly we’re working with Landlords and Developers to create tenant-ready spaces; spaces where tenants can arrive, plug in and get working without hassle.

Sometimes called CAT A+, tenant-ready or plug-and-play fit-outs, these are compelling propositions for tenants who want a “ready to work” space that is more tailored to their needs than the blank slate of a standard CAT A finish.

Category B

We’re committed to creating purpose-built spaces where people can thrive. Once the CAT A fit-out is completed (or sometimes running as a parallel project), the CAT B fit-out brings the space to life. This is where all the design and bespoke elements will be installed to give the space a sense of identity and personality.

Ideally beginning with a period of workplace strategy consulting and space planning, a CAT B fit-out will be tailored around the bespoke requirements of an individual business, from the type of work done there to the colour of the vases in reception.

With detailed floorplans and spaces zoned and shaped by the needs of the occupier, CAT B fit-outs should result in a space that brings out the best in the people that use it; a place they can thrive and do their best work in an environment that reflect their company values and aspirations.

Enabled by technology

Eliminating delays. Connecting stakeholders

Empowered by Procore

This industry leading programme management software connects our entire project team, removing silos and ensuring real-time comms across all projects and maintaining legally compliant records at every stage. This means you receive real-time photos and updates, with the ability to comment, overlay drawings and even track meeting minutes and actions.

Empowered by Revit

An advanced Building Information Modelling tool. We can generate a bespoke 3D walkthrough of your space within a day, allowing sign-up of new tenants without a lengthy design and consultation process. This means a much faster build and signoff process, with a rapidly developed 3D walkthrough that notifies all stakeholders of changes in real time.

Offices are evolving

Speed x Space

The idea of the office is evolving at a breakneck pace. Luckily, that’s the pace we work at, whether delivering CAT A and CAT A + projects for landlords and developers, combined offices and manufacturing centres for global clients, or high speed, high-quality coworking spaces for rapidly scaling serviced office providers. We operate in close partnership with our trusted network of contractors and professional services to ensure our projects are delivered to our exacting standards. Every time.

Office Fit-Out Case Studies

Unlocking businesses’ full potential

Discover how our office fit-out specialists have helped businesses reach new heights by refurbishing their workspaces. 

Time to revolutionise your workplace?

We’d love to hear your plans. Get in touch with Charlie to see how we can bring them to life. 

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