Our Team

At Interaction, we choose our people with care. We are hardworking, creative, energetic, and dedicated to delivering great results.


Managing Director
Dieter’s passion is creating spaces that enable people to perform to their full potential. He gets under a client’s skin to truly understand their opportunities and challenges. Nothing makes him happier than delivering a project snag free.

Gary takes a business’s vision and translates it into a design that nurtures the behaviours needed to make goals a reality. Confident about pushing boundaries, Gary draws on his 20 years’ design experience to shape work spaces.
A consummate networker, Hayley takes Interaction’s message into the wider business community. She works hand-in-hand with clients to keep lines of communication open and transparent throughout the project process and beyond. 
The founder of Interaction, Paul drives Interaction’s philosophy that the workspace is a powerful tool that can make a fundamental and positive difference to the overall success of a business.

Project Managers

Head of Projects
The man with all the answers, Lloyd has infinite patience as well as knowledge about, well, everything. Loves the great outdoors.
Senior Project Manager
When he’s not sharing his in-depth knowledge and expertise, projects 'guru' Paul can be found travelling the world - or initiating a mass YMCA dance at our bar on a Friday evening.
Senior Project Manager
The office’s funny man, Matt is serious about winning, whether that’s delivering great projects for clients, or when racing on his motorbike.
Senior Project Manager
A perfectionist, Luke delivers projects with complete dedication, then decompresses by doing zillions of bench presses. Rugby fan, gym aficionado.
Project Manager
Solving problems with tenacity, and snacking on pasties while at work (he's Cornish!), at weekends Mike can be found scaling mountains.
Project Manager
Bubbly and adventurous, Todd thrives on seeing how happy our clients are at the end of the project. Quite the catch, in his spare time you'll find him fishing.
Assistant Project Manager
With a background in financial management, Bronagh can be counted on to ensure our projects run smoothly. Outside of work, she'll either be found in the kitchen or at the gym…it’s all about balance!
Assistant Project Manager
When she's not delivering snag free projects with a smile, Alice can be found with her head in a history book, visiting castles or trading old pieces of artwork.
Assistant Project Manager
Known for her mutual love of organising and Spice Girls dance moves, Emily is dedicated to delivering smooth projects with happy clients.
After Care
With experience in TV production, resident Scouser Sarah’s management skills are an asset to the team - along with her passion for cooking, vibrant shirts, and fantasy football.

Design Team

Studio Manager
Chatty, fun and adventurous, Hayley creates standout workplaces for her clients and oversees the design team. Lover of lists and adrenaline sports.
After over 20 years with us, Justine is a key mentor to the design team (also notable for her wit and love of the colour lime). Maker of delicious cakes.
Super easy-going and slightly Brummie. Nathan loves anything retro, which inspires him when creating space plans. Downtime is spent going to gigs, cycling and restoring old cars.
Always ready to lend a hand, Zoe’s bright imagination means she’s never short of innovative designs. Her sharp wit keeps us all entertained.
A love of the natural world inspired Lucy's passion for design. Combined with her fun-loving personality, she's an asset to our creative team. Warning: her laugh is infectious.
Mary’s calm and creative nature is put to good use bringing spaces to life – no wonder she sailed through her internship year and has joined the design team full time!
An all-round creative whizz, Victoria has the natural ability to conjure up innovative designs, and enjoys crafts such as origami, print making, and calligraphy. Also renowned for her love of bagels.
Welsh, creative and a dab hand at the guitar, Stevie is also passionate about workplace design and finding the best solution to every brief.
Liesl’s perfectionist, curious and creative nature might explain her knack for design – as well as her love of cooking and computer games.
3D Visualiser
Passionate about adrenaline-fuelled sports such as skateboarding and climbing, Matt helps to take our visuals to new heights.
3D Visualiser
With an eye for detail and a love of creating spectacular visuals, Matt brings our projects to life before they even reach site. Keen golfer and dog lover.
Design Intern
Keen calligraphist Laura put pen to paper and applied for our internship programme. With a natural flair for design, it’s perhaps no surprise that she’ll be with us for a whole year.
Design Intern
With a catchphrase of “did you know?”, random fact finder and ever-curious Georgia is keen to learn as much as she can during her internship with the design team.

Site Managers

Site Manager
Colin meets the challenges of Site Management with a smile and his calm persona ensures everything on-site runs smoothly. Enjoys sports, family time and the great outdoors.
Site Manager
Coordinating is Steve’s big thing, whether it’s project budgets or playlists. A blues guitar playing, die-hard Middlesbrough FC fan, Steve surfs and loves films too.
Site Manager
A great laugh, nothing fazes Tom. A super hard worker, he’s committed to work and family.
Site Manager
Famed for an awesome beard, Nathan ensures that everything on site goes smoothly. Weekends are shaken up with off-roading.
Site Manager
Kevin perfects the combination of staying as cool as a cucumber whilst getting things done to the highest of standards. Also known to catch 180lb catfishes.

Workplace Consultancy

Head of Research & Insight
The ever-curious psychologist, Deborah loves analysing people in the workplace. Mastermind topic: healthy lifestyle (or cheesecake).
Head of Client Strategy & Technology
Having worked in both client and agency environments, James draws on more than 20 years of specialist business-to-business marketing, workplace design, technology and change management experience.

Sales & Marketing Team

Project Lead
Solving problems and reaching the perfect project budget is all in a day’s work for Hannah. Keen sportswoman with roots in Cyprus.
Project Lead
Dedicated to creating opportunity (and always looking his best!), Ollie is the office’s extrovert. Mad on rugby and fitness.
Graphic Designer
Keen sportsman and football fantasy league expert, Jonny's competitive nature drives sales pitches and creative content. Loves a pizza!
Marketing & Events
When he’s not co-ordinating our next amazing event, you’ll find James sipping on a pint of Doombar, watching the rugby and planning his next trip away.
Business Development Manager
Discovery is Charlie's forte; whether that be exploring new travel destinations or uncovering potential new business clients.
Graphic Designer
Our very own graphics wizard, Khushbu can turn her hand to all things creative. Avid travel photographer and owner of a very cute Pomeranian pup.

Admin & Finance Team

Property Manager
Uber-organised manager of people, Tash helps to arrange our events and keep us in line. A charismatic motivator, she is the office saviour.
Property Co-Ordinator
One quarter Italian and always smiling, Frankie’s super organised nature keeps everything in check. If you need any fancy dress then Frankie's your bet!
Finance Manager
Keeper of the office’s purse strings, Charlotte is like a human calculator. Also outgoing and fun, she switches off with a glass of prosecco!
Accounts Assistant
The tallest member of the team, Jake crunches numbers during the day and loves letting his hair down at our bar on a Friday night.
Office Manager
Always a picture of calm, Rose is the office’s nerve centre providing general support to the project teams. Office organiser and eternal optimist.
Office Junior
Always a happy face and full of life, Chloe has also perfected her phone voice - chances are she’ll be the friendly person you speak to!