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Hello. We’re Interaction.

We’re experts in modern office design and fit-outs.
We’ve been designing and building best-in-class workspaces
for over 30 years, delivering Perfection at Pace

Everyone deserves a space to thrive

Designing offices for the future

We’re on a mission to banish boring offices.

What people expect from their workplace has changed. Today’s office needs to accommodate a variety of ways of working. It needs to foster culture, creativity and communication. It needs to engage and excite the people who use it and seamlessly facilitate them at their best. 

We work with ambitious, culture-focussed organisations to create employee experiences that attract and retain the brightest talent. We work with landlords and investors to create spaces tenants love. We partner with co-working companies to quickly and efficiently create bespoke new sites.

Our Key Services

An end-to-end solution

From strategy to space dressing, we offer a suite of office design services to help you get the best out of your people.

  • Workplace Design

    Evidence-based design to envision a workspace fit for your future.

  • Office Fit-outs

    High-speed, high-quality construction projects underpinned by three decades of expertise.

  • Primed: CAT A+ Fit-Outs

    Our “plug and play” offering for landlords, serviced office providers and flex operators.

  • Workplace Strategy Consulting

    In-depth research and consultancy to understand your people, how they work and the space they need.

  • Client Care

    Our service doesn’t stop at handover. Our Client Care team are here to help you get the most from your new space.

Build for a Greener Future

Office Spaces

We make sustainability simple. Whether you’re a landlord looking to increase your building’s eco credentials or a business aiming to attract top talent, partnering with us means transforming your environment while contributing to a healthier planet.

example of sustainable office design and build

Committed to banishing boring offices

Above. Beyond.

We have a passionate team of expert office designers, consultants and strategists, who will go the extra mile to deliver Perfection at Pace on each project. Often handover is just the beginning of a relationship. Our Client Care team are on call to deal with any post-completion issue, from minor snagging to an entire refit. 

We’re also passionate about working in the most sustainable way possible. We consider the effect of every design choice we make on both people and the planet. We call this Intelligent Impact and it influences how we think about everything, from minimising CO2 emissions to creating neurodiverse-friendly spaces. 

Example of meeting space in office design and build

How we design and build offices

Bespoke office design is a process of co-creation. At Interaction, we work closely with you to develop your brief and ensure you are central to the design experience.

  • Developing the Brief
    Your workforce is made of unique individuals; therefore only a unique solution will enable them to thrive. Your brief will reflect a bespoke workplace strategy based on your people, culture and brand experience. We’ll dive deep into what makes your workforce tick with a series of 1-1 visioning interviews with senior leadership, as well as group brainstorms and engagement workshops.
  • Mood Boards and Spatial Layouts
    Our workshops culminate in a series of mood boards, where design choices are ranked based on whether they appeal to your employees. This helps us develop a focus for the ideal look and feel for your new office. We’ll then use your brief to create an initial spatial layout, so we can drill down into how teams will interact with each other in your new space.
  • Concept Design and Visualisation
    It’s time to start planning your office space. This means building out 2D and 3D images to visualise your new space, bringing concepts and ideas rapidly to life. We have a number of VR headsets so that you can immerse yourself in your new office with 3D visual walkthroughs. You can also share 360º images across your entire staff base so they can be inspired by your new vision.
  • Finalising the Design
    We take a more granular approach to the initial concepts, ensuring they satisfy the project’s objectives – are they sustainable enough? What can we repurpose to save both budget and the environment? How do we seamlessly integrate smart building technology? Have we covered every use case?
  • Project Planning
    Once a concept is agreed upon, we work closely with our Project, Contracts and Delivery teams to sense check it’s feasible, on budget and meets all necessary regulations. We will consider elements such as project phasing and move management so that every detail works practically. We will also provide logistics to ensure site safety such as access routes, signage, site security and welfare.
  • Delivering the Build
    Our Designers stay involved throughout the entire process, making frequent visits to the site and ensuring they resolve any issues and maximise any opportunities as they occur. By continually refining our approach based on client feedback, we will deliver workplaces on time and to the best possible standard. The handover date is critical for our clients – so being late is never an option.
  • Interior Design
    Now it’s time for those important finishing touches that celebrate your culture. Our Interior Design team look after the final details that give your office its soul. Working from the forefront of workplace interior design, they bring timeless trends and new styles across colour schemes, fabrics, furniture and fittings.
  • Client Care
    We pride ourselves on maintaining strong client relationships, even after the design and build process has been completed. We provide ongoing support so that clients continue to reap the benefits of their new office space. This can include a post-occupancy evaluation to measure performance and identify potential improvements.

Interaction have really worked with us to understand and guide how we will work in the future.  The designs for the new office have gone down incredibly well with people from across our Bristol office and created lots of excitement – Interaction have understood our brief so well. Our team have loved the experience.

Rebecca Plummeridge, Programme Lead Osborne Clarke

We work with ambitious companies to harness the power of their culture

Let’s work together to bring out the best in your organisation.

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Office Design FAQs

How do I know whether I need office design or fit-out services?

It’s easy to get mixed up between office design and fit-out if you’re new to the topic. Design refers to the workshops, conceptual planning in 2D and 3D and interior design solutions which come together to create a model of your new space. An office fit-out is the physical transformation of a space from its existing state, to project completion. Combining these stages is an effective way to save time, money and resources, and often the end result will be better. Find out more about the benefits of using these services in this article ‘What is a design & build firm?

What is the best type of layout for an office space?

You got us; trick question. There is no one answer to this: different businesses will have different preferences. In the past, furnishing a large office was about getting as many desks in the space as possible. Now the emphasis is on creating collaborative areas that are spacious and welcoming. Using furniture and flooring to create zones is known as a ‘broken-plan’ layout, and is a great way to create a variety of spaces suited to different working styles and types of neurodiversity. Dedicated quiet spaces, multi-faith rooms, wellbeing rooms, phone booths, breakout spaces, and collaborative working areas should come together in a unique mix appropriate for the needs of your people. You can read more about layout in this article about agile design, and more about designing an inclusive space in this guide on ‘how to design an inclusive office’ and ‘How Prayer Rooms can improve workplace wellbeing’.

How do you help visualise office spaces during the design process?

Our skilled team of designers work with you to understand your brief and transform it into something wonderful. We use technology such as Revit and Matterport to help you and your team visualise your new workspace, including jaw-dropping 3D visuals, 360 degree tours, and Virtual Reality (VR). Regular finishes meetings are held where you can touch and compare fabric samples and guide us with feedback every step of the way.

Will you work with interior designers and third party vendors?

When delivering a client a new workspace, we love working with their in-house designers, architects and other creatives to make their visions come to life. We have a best-in-class team of designers amongst our Actioneers, who each can bring different skill sets to the table. We prize partnerships, working with an approved list of suppliers who align to our values and sustainability goals. If you have a dedicated design team with a well-established brief, we’re happy to work with you as part of a detail & build project to make it a reality. 

Everything you need to know

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