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Interaction’s Ultimate Guide to Office Fit-outs [PDF Download]

Moving offices can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Our comprehensive guide to office fit-outs will walk you through every step of the process, from decision-making to budgeting and location-choosing. Read on for a glimpse of what our guide covers, and download our whitepaper below for an in-depth exploration of the office fit-out process.

What is an office fit-out?

Fit-out is a term we use every day – but what does it actually mean?

An office fit-out is simply how we describe a project that develops a commercial space with the purpose of making sure it fits the needs of its owners or occupiers. It’s the process of turning an empty shell of a building into a suitable space for an occupier.

How can I decide if I need an office fit-out?

If you think your workplace needs a new lease of life, you may be torn between refurbishing your existing office or finding a new space that you think could be a better fit. There’s a lot to weigh up, so it makes sense to think big-picture at this stage. Here are just a few questions to help get the ball rolling:

  • Does your existing space still allow you to work the way you need?
  • Do your current premises still reflect the aspirations of your organisation?
  • Consider the projected scale of your business over the next 5 years. Can your current space accommodate this?
  • Is your relationship with your landlord a positive one, to the extent that they may help fund renovation works or offer other incentives to stay?

If you’re learning more towards ‘yes’ for any of the above questions, an office fit-out would likely be the best fit for your needs, as opposed to moving offices entirely.

What are the different types of office fit-out?

We’ll delve more into the different types of office-fit outs in our PDF guide, but here’s just a brief overview as this is one of the main questions we get asked at Interaction:

  • CAT A: a fit-out project that results in a functional yet empty space – a blank canvas for interior designers to work their magic on.
  • CAT B: A CAT B project takes things a step further from a CAT A fit-out – bringing an office to life with decor and custom elements that convey a brand’s unique identity.
  • CAT A+: These are bespoke ‘plug and play spaces’ that have all the core elements of a fitted-out office space – plus the ‘nice to have’ finishing touches. These are increasingly sought after by tenants who want to show up and get straight to work with zero fuss.

What are the benefits of an office fit-out?

As our guide will show, office fit-outs can offer a multitude of benefits for organisations that want to ensure that their workspace reflects their goals and vision. Here are just a few examples:

  • Flexibility: This is arguably one of the most important concepts in the modern workspace. Refurbishing your office with flexibility in mind means that you can cater to as many different styles of working as possible. This can take many forms, including breakout rooms for collaborative working or solo workspaces for deep focus.
  • Profitability: Over the years, we’ve helped countless landlords, business owners and developers create offices that increase lettable space, attract high-tier commercial tenants and reduce operational costs. We know what it takes to make an office fit-out a lucrative long-term investment.
  • Productivity: An office fit-out means organisations can design workspaces around their staff’s specific needs, requirements and preferences. Rather than expecting them to adapt to an existing space, you can create an environment that brings the best out of everyone.
  • Sustainability: A sustainable office fit-out is great for bolstering your organisation’s CSR credentials, attracting talent seeking a progressive work environment and saving on costs associated with waste and energy efficiency. Also, if you’re looking to gain sustainability credentials such as BREEAM, SKA or LEED, this can be central to your office fit-out strategy.

Download our Ultimate Guide to Office Fit-Outs:

Want to learn more? All you need to do is fill out the form below, and within seconds, you’ll have a PDF copy of our office fit-out guide, which is packed to the brim with valuable insights:

  • Whether refurbishing your existing office space or moving to a new one is the best option for you
  • How to plan and organise a smooth office move or fit-out
  • Ideal timelines for a successful office move
  • Who should be involved in the project
  • How to budget effectively for an office move
  • How to choose the perfect location for your new office
  • What to look for in a commercial property agent
  • How to find the perfect commercial property
  • How to brief and work with your office fit-out partner
  • The best way to evaluate and track against your sustainability goals
  • What to do during and after the completion of your office fit-out

Don’t let the complexity of moving offices hold you back.

Download our guide now by filling in the form below, or if you prefer, discuss any of these issues in person, chat with Charlie.

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Once you’ve filled in the form, we’ll send you the guide. Having problems? Contact us here.

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