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Attracting Tenants: What Commercial Landlords Need to Know [PDF download]

It’s no secret that as a commercial property landlord or developer, you need tenants.

The market has shifted, forcing you to make huge changes in order to keep up with the rising expectations of best-in-class tenants, and ultimately increase your ROI.

In this guide we cover everything you need to know so you can stay ahead and stand out:

  • The figures that matter
  • The widening gap in office stock quality – and what it means
  • The critical issues facing tenants and how your building can address them
  • How to meet heightened sustainability expectations
  • What tenants actually want from the workplace
  • Why organisations will pay for the privilege of flexibility
  • The professionalisation of tenant-landlord relationships
  • Going the extra mile to secure your ideal tenants

Chat with us about how to best position your buildings – and yourself – to organisations up and down the country. Download our whitepaper now by filling in the form below. Or, if you’d prefer to talk through this topic in person, why not chat with Charlie.

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