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Office Design and Fit-outs in Bristol

Bristol is one of the most dynamic and creative cities in the UK

A city uniquely driven by a love of the eccentric, an anti-authoritarian mindset and a strong social conscience. It’s a hotbed that has birthed some of the most interesting businesses in the UK, especially in the tech and creative sectors. Seemingly always undergoing seismic change, plans are underway to ensure that by 2050, Bristol will be a ‘fair, healthy and sustainable city, a city of hope and aspiration where everyone can share in its success.’

Creating Bristol’s Best Workplaces

With 15% of Londoners who leave for the South West settling in Bristol, it’s not surprising that wellness and work-life balance are high on many Bristolian’s agenda – and therefore on the agendas of those businesses looking to employ top talent. That’s where we come in – using our local knowledge, network of suppliers and deep understanding of Bristol’s spirit and culture to deliver modern and innovative workspaces – fitting for a city that never settles.

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One-of-a-kind workspaces in Bristol

Designing high-end creative workplaces

Amdaris are a software company that wanted a bold and exciting office that encouraged togetherness and was conducive to flexibility. Needless to say, this type of brief is exactly the kind that gets our creative juices flowing. The design brief resulted from internal workshops, so Amdaris could be assured that their new space delivered exactly what their people were looking for.

A key aspect of the brief was for the entire office to feel like a single, unified space, but one that could be utilised for a variety of purposes. Our design incorporated a wide variety of spaces and zones, including breakout areas, private work nooks and meeting rooms. However, we used colours instead of walls to delineate these spaces. We felt this maintained ‘flow’ and represented how the merging of different styles of working can achieve a single, cohesive vision.

Quality and attention to detail were two important facets of Amdaris’ brand identity that needed to shine through in the final design. Whether it’s high-end acoustic panelling or resplendent gold and copper tones, our clients’ commitment to perfection is evident in even the smallest details.

Workspace design for Amdaris in Bristol

Transforming businesses one fit-out at a time

Bristol’s go-to office fit-out partner

We work across Bristol to transform offices into modern and innovative commercial spaces. By delivering best-in-class office fit-outs we can help business owners and landlords maximise property value and attract a high covenant of tenant.

Bristol is one of the fastest-growing areas in the UK, so commercial properties need to be scalable, adaptable and flexible. Office fit-outs are therefore a valuable and often more sustainable alternative to moving premises and starting from scratch. We specialise in an evidence-based, strategic approach to office fit-outs, designing spaces with our clients’ ideal tenant in mind.

As experts in office fit-outs, we can tailor our approach so that clients have their needs met and get the most from their investment. For example, we offer multiple tiers for office fit-outs:

  • CAT A fit-outs to create the perfect blank canvas for companies to make their own
  • CAT A+ ‘plug and play’ spaces so companies can show up and get started with zero hassle
  • CAT B office fit-outs that go a step beyond CAT A fit-outs with bespoke design and interior styling

Not sure which type of office fit-out would be best for you? We break down the key differences between CAT A, CAT A+ and CAT B fit-outs here, or speak to us and we can help.

Creating Bristol’s best places to work

Inspired by Bristol as a hub of innovation

Elvie specialises in health and wellbeing technology for women, and they came to us in need of a multi-purpose space that fostered collaboration and community. Our design was inspired by Bristol as a place of creativity and diversity; highlights included built-in paper rolls for breakout areas so that lightbulb moments could be written down in a flash, and meeting rooms displaying homages to inspirational women throughout history.

Elvie wanted to host community meetings, ‘town halls’ and workshops, so the space had to feel inviting and inclusive. To achieve this, we installed a curved desk to accommodate both individual and solo working, and blended soft edges with a lighter colour palette for a warmer, more personal touch. The result is an innovative office that is fitting for a tech company, but still a space where people feel drawn to, comfortable and at ease.

Inclusive and collaborative workspace design and fit-out in Bristol for Elvie

Banishing boring offices

Specialising in Bristol’s ‘destination’ office fit-outs

Companies need to consider whether or not their office is a ‘destination’, a place where people genuinely want to work because it offers distinct benefits compared to working from home. Freeborne Media wanted a space that prioritised creativity and sustainability so that people had an inspiring and enriching alternative to working remotely.

It was important that people felt they had a choice in terms of where and how they worked. Therefore, our office fit-out included breakout spaces, booths for solo working and adjustable furniture so people could work in whichever space best suited their needs. This is certain to maximise productivity and enhance employee well-being.

Our work with Freeborne Media is also a standout example of biophilic design, which helps to create a calming ambience whilst also exemplifying sustainability as a core value. Staff and visitors alike are greeted with a living wall upon arrival, and Manhattan-style glazing floods the space with natural light. These are just a few examples of how we can channel a company’s values into beautiful and functional design.

Destination office fit out in Bristol by Interaction for Netflix Freeborne media

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