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A natural home for innovation in the heart of Bristol.

Elvie are a pioneering high-growth company who focus on improving women’s lives through smarter technology, because “women shouldn’t have to make do with shoddy design or pink spin-offs when there are self-driving cars in the world.” 

Rapid expansion meant they needed a new Research and Design Facility which could foster creative collaboration, in their recently chosen home of Bristol. Bristol had been chosen as the perfect place to blend community, technology and creativity. Therefore it was vital the office didn’t feel too much like an office; it needed to be a space that drew people in; that facilitated a variety of ways to work; that served as a perfect space to host community meetings and workshops. With their rapid expansion, they would need more space to grow; so we created an initial sublet space for them to eventually move into.  

The office area was an existing CAT A 14,000 sq ft space, which presented us with the ideal blank canvas to bring a vision to life, in a process that took just 11 weeks. We filled the space with bright ideas, bespoke joinery and biophilia to create a unique workspace.

Elvie wanted a collaborative hub centred around a Research and Design workshop; a space that drew people in; that facilitated a variety of ways to work; that served as a perfect place to host community meetings and workshops. In line with Elvie’s approach the space had to be inspirational, innovative and inclusive.

Lucy SymonsDesigner
Elvie’s new home shows that “inspirational” and “comfortable” don’t have to be enemies

Cutting edge can still be cosy.

A fitting home to tomorrow’s tech.

Bespoke manifestations of pioneering women and allies throughout the ages look out from meeting rooms, while a sweeping curved desk brings everyone together in a central area, still allowing for individual working.

Breakout desk areas have inbuilt paper rolls, meaning bright ideas can be jotted down directly onto the desk’s surface. Light tones and colours interplay with biophilia, soft-edges and bespoke joinery to create an environment that feels cutting-edge without being “hard” or impersonal.

Hanging chairs, secret meeting rooms and plenty of space to read and breastfeed have created a space which is energised, thoughtful and inclusive – and that’s before entering the vast, airy workshop where the technology of tomorrow takes shape.

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