Workplace Strategy Services

Ensure your business is flexible, profitable and fit for whatever the future holds


Unlock business-wide benefits by reassessing your workplace strategy.


We work hard to get to know your people and your workplace.
We explore your approach to technology, sustainability, health and wellbeing; discover how your people work best and gain insights into your everyday and your extraordinary.

We use this insight to create practical strategies which drive change, develop better ways of working, look after the wellbeing of your employees, and optimise your space to your needs. The result? Workplaces that people want to come to, created in a way that works for your business.

Workplace Strategy

Workplace Strategy

In such rapidly changing times, reviewing your workplace strategy is more important than ever.

And it goes beyond four walls. Today’s workplace ecosystem encompasses the digital space as well as the physical space. Our digital workplace strategy services will help your business grow and evolve, no matter where you are.

Our in-depth research and consultancy identifies challenges and recommends practical and behavioural solutions. We then work closely with our design and build teams to deliver those solutions. We support senior teams in navigating their organisation's workplace future. And for those with multi-office portfolios, we offer workplace real estate reviews and recommendations for optimisation and rationalisation.

Benefits of reviewing your workplace strategy

Benefits of reviewing your workplace strategy

To employees: 


  • Support individual needs and ways of working 
  • Optimise choice and autonomy 
  • Create strong community and sense of belonging 
  • Design for better physical and mental health 
  • Provide and support flexibility


To the business: 


  • Nurture happier, healthier employees leading to better performance and profitability  
  • Reflect the business’ culture and brand 
  • Be ready for change by building in flexibility 
  • Rationalise assets and reduce operating expenditure 
  • Compete in attracting and retaining staff

Workplace Research

Workplace Research

Evidence-based design creates a bespoke employee experience that’s a perfect fit for your future.

Our workplace consultancy digs deep into the attitudes and behaviours of your people. What do they need to help them focus? What helps them collaborate? What creates energy and creativity? What drives performance?

Using a variety of methods - such as utilisation studies, multi-office portfolio reviews, employee and leadership engagement and post-occupation evaluation - we gain a thorough understanding of your people, space and culture. We then work out what you need to create your ideal and bespoke workplace.

Want to understand your people and your space requirements?

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Workplace Technology

Workplace Technology

Be more agile. Technology to connect your people. 

Workplace design is evolving rapidly in a fast-paced digital society. Our homes are becoming more tech-enabled, and our workplaces need to be one step ahead. They need to offer the type of technology that we can't get at home. Hybrid meeting solutions. Interactive broadcast technology. Simple space booking systems. To make working lives easier and more effective.

From smart buildings that integrate tech to improve comfort and reduce carbon footprint to simple room and desk booking systems that make life easier and increase space utilisation.

Of course, technology has come to the forefront since the Covid-19 pandemic. As well as playing a crucial role in keeping us connected and working, it’s also vital to managing health and safety. Plus, by manipulating desk availability, reducing meeting room capacity and highlighting spaces that need cleaning, we can align technology and process to reduce risk and increase wellbeing.

A people-first approach to technology. 

To us, tech is a tool to improve working lives, increase productivity and reduce costs. Working closely with trusted tech partners, we evaluate your specific technology needs. We assess your people’s approach to change, their training needs and user requirements. We utilise our expertise in integrated tech solutions to help you define and implement your strategy.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Creating workspaces that help people feel good. 

The health and wellbeing of your people is fundamental to our approach. For many people, the workplace is their second home. It’s vital then that we create spaces to improve quality of working life and develop a culture of wellbeing.  

Nudging behaviour in the right direction. 

We look at health and wellbeing in detail. From employee surveys to discover your attitudes and behaviours, to design elements that encourage healthy behaviours. From locating staircases centrally to help increase step count. To creating sociable kitchens, meditation rooms, or outside spaces with greenery to get fresh air and daylight. From active travel suites with changing rooms, showers, secure cycle storage, drying cupboards and lockers. To height adjustable desks that enable your people to sit or stand.

Everyone is different. We create choice to allow people to feel in control over their own environment.  Whether it’s spaces for collaboration or concentration, or  those that encourage learning and creativity. We design to make a real difference to people’s working lives.

Workplace Sustainability

Workplace Sustainability

It’s our mission to make sustainability simple and actionable for our clients.

At Interaction, we’re keenly aware of the effects our actions and decisions have on the world.

We call it having “Intelligent Impact” and it influences everything we do, from using biophilia to accurately balance out an office’s CO2 emissions to ensuring we have trained mental health first aiders available throughout the business.

We lead by example. We’re proud to use our own workplacefrom office to siteas a beacon for how a sustainable approach can benefit both your people and the environment.  

We work with a growing number of clients who wish to address sustainability issues within their workplace.  Our strategy process involves assessing attitudes and helping you examine the role of impact, evidence and cost on a wide variety of initiatives. From the design and build process and materials used, through to how you operate your workplace. From using the latest smart building technologies, to thinking about how your people travel to work. From avoiding single use plastic, to looking at what, how and where you recycle.  

We can advise and support you in achieving accreditation such as BREAAM or LEEDproviding a full sustainability service from strategy through to completion 

Change Management and Onboarding

Change Management and Onboarding

Communicationssupport and onboarding 

We’ll be with you every step of the way. Helping you deliver the change, and helping your people accept and adjust to new ways of working and different types of workspaces and technology.  

We’ll use our behaviour change and change management experience to help you and your people understand and embrace change 

Once we handover the keys, we keep working with you. To help you settle in and become familiar with your space. To make sure your people can fully adopt and enjoy their new environment. To ensure every detail is explained, from desk set-up and technology "quick starts" to agile working guides and frequently asked questions.