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Workplace Strategy

Align your culture, processes and space to achieve your goals

We work hard to get to know your people and your workplace, gaining an in-depth picture of how your organisation operates. This allows us to help guide your workspace requirements, ensure that your remote and hybrid staff can perform at their best and create an office fit for the future.

Work without walls

“We use workplace insight to create practical strategies which drive change, develop better ways of working, look after the wellbeing of your employees, and optimise your space to your needs. The result? Workplaces that people want to come to, created in a way that works for your business.”

Dieter WoodInteraction

Workplace strategy: a deeper dive

Reap the benefits of reviewing your workplace strategy

Using a variety of methods – such as utilisation studies, multi-office portfolio reviews, employee and leadership engagement and post-occupation evaluation – we gain a thorough understanding of your people, space and culture. We then work out what you need to create your ideal workplace and the processes you need to make it thrive.

For employees

  1. Support individual needs and ways of working 
  2. Optimise choice and autonomy
  3. Create strong community and sense of belonging
  4. Design for better physical and mental health 
  5. Provide and support flexibility

For your business

  1. Happier, healthier staff means better performance and profitability  
  2. A workplace that reflects your culture and brand
  3. Flexibility is built in, meaning your organisation is more prepared for change
  4. Rationalise your assets and reduce operating expenditure
  5. Outperform in the war for talent

Evaluation and support

Workplace Research

Evidence-based design creates a perfect fit for your future. Our workplace consultancy digs deep into the attitudes and behaviours of your people. What do they need to help them focus? What helps them collaborate? What creates energy and creativity? What drives performance?

Workplace Technology

Working closely with trusted tech partners, we evaluate your specific technology needs. We assess your people’s approach to change, their training needs and user requirements. We utilise our expertise in integrated tech solutions to help you define and implement your strategy.

Health and Wellbeing

We look at health and wellbeing in detail. We create choice to allow people to feel in control over their own environment. Whether it’s spaces for collaboration or concentration, or  those that encourage learning and creativity. We design to make a real difference to people’s working lives.


It’s our mission to make sustainability simple and actionable. Our “Intelligent Impact” strategy influences everything we do. We can advise and support you in achieving accreditation such as BREAAM or LEED, providing a full sustainability service from strategy through to completion.

Help your business grow and evolve

Workplace strategy is more important than ever

Our in-depth research and consultancy identifies challenges and recommends practical and behavioural solutions. We then work closely with our design and build teams to deliver those solutions. We support senior teams in navigating their organisation’s workplace future. And for those with multi-office portfolios, we offer workplace real estate reviews and recommendations for optimisation and rationalisation.

Time to revolutionise your workplace?

We’d love to hear your plans. Get in touch with Charlie to see how we can bring them to life.