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Mike Borne

Head of Operations

Thrivalists, Operations Team

A drive for constant improvement.

Mike oversees the entire operational side of Interaction, with a focus on improving our efficiency and lessening our environmental impact. A qualified Aerospace Engineer, Mike is constantly on the lookout for ways to refine and develop what we do, overseeing our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies and driving best practice adoption across the board. Mike has a keen eye for change and innovation and is well-versed in project management, business systems and business administration. However what he’s really passionate about is protecting the planet on both a personal and organisational level, driving Interaction towards our B Corp certification and spending more time than is healthy running up and down hills.

Mike joined Interaction almost straight from University, (where he qualified in Aerospace Engineering), after an exciting summer spent as an intern at Rolls Royce, where his main job was to stress-test Typhoon engines. It was there he picked up an interest in workplace dynamics, leading him to join Interaction as a graduate Project Manager. Mike worked his way up to a Senior Project Manager, running projects such as Frome Business Park, before becoming our Business Systems manager – a perfect role for someone obsessed with constant improvement and performance optimisation.

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