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Collaborate in comfort.

Granger Reis are an award-winning executive search agency with a twist, combining a non-traditional approach with bags of personality and a determination to do things differently.

They needed a space which better represented their character and values, while offering their staff a destination workplace flexible enough to accommodate any kind of work. Relocation was driven by a desire to be in a central location, opting for one of Bristol’s most prominent office buildings – One Redcliffe Street in the heart of Bristol City Centre.

Granger Reis wanted to create a comfortable, collaborative environment to accommodate their new flexible working policy. It was essential that everyone could move seamlessly between home and the office.

Our office was a functional space. Now we have a soulful, social, collaborative space where people choose to come and be invigorated. It’s a destination and a choice. It’s easy to plug in and work – in fact on my first day, I turned up, plugged my laptop in and was online straightway. Even the temperature is perfect. Finally we have an office that reflects who we are and how far we’ve come.

Ben HewlettPartner, Granger Reiss

Instant impact

Goodbye to old-fashioned ideas.

Granger Reis wanted a beautiful and inviting space for people to enjoy. It was important that the space felt different from the minute you enter; as far removed as possible from old-fashioned ideas of an office.

Instant impact is generated through a colour scheme that goes beyond their brand palate; navy, mauve and dusty pink work together to create a sense of comfort, relaxation and inclusiveness. It’s immediately apparent you’re stepping into a world far removed from blue carpet tiles, unforgiving lighting and uncomfortable chairs.

Throughout the space unique design features include bespoke coloured aluminium framework and repeating hexagons – a subtle nod to the beehive and its associations of effort and collaboration.

During the design and build we added partitions to transform the open plan space into a functional ‘broken plan’ space. This was key to creating an environment which promotes collaboration and communication while balancing the need for privacy and fewer distractions.

The nature of Granger Reis’s work often entails interviews, so we created two meeting rooms enabled by seamless technology, allowing for in-person meetings and video conferencing. The meeting rooms have been strategically positioned to help split the working environment from the socialising area.

We’re committed to delivering what we call “Perfection at Pace” and many elements in this project were programme-critical with key dates in the first 3 weeks we had to meet to ensure a timely project completion.

Granger Reis ‘broken plan’ office on Revit

The colour scheme creates a sense of comfort, relaxation and inclusiveness

Creating space

Frictionless hybrid

After 6 weeks on site, Granger Reis have a collaborative office environment ready to accommodate new ways of working.

The space has been transformed to create impressive pockets of fit-for-purpose areas, an effect which lends the area a larger sense of space than its footprint would suggest.

The tea point has been designed to foster a strong team atmosphere. On Fridays, the space will be great for informal get togethers or socialising and we’ve accounted for a built-in projector screen to accommodate for formal and company-wide meetings.

We’ve created a multi-functional workspace to facilitate frictionless hybrid working while balancing the requirements of the company and individuals. Multiple work environments encourage employees to have freedom over how they work – standard desks, collaborative spaces with whiteboards to share ideas, high benches, and private individual booths.

The central collaboration point is a distinct and focal area of the office. Lowering the ceiling by dropping the bulkhead has created a designated space enabling teams to remain focussed while working together – a circular seating arrangement, featuring lighting and plants which form a comfortable, dynamic meeting space.

The purpose of the office has changed for many, but it’s still the best place an organisation can express its values, its ambitions and its personality.

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