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“Great teams need a happy home

Runway East are one of the UK’s fastest-growing co-working operators with sites across, Bristol, London and Brighton. They’re obsessed with creating tight-knit communities in unusual buildings with deep ties to the local area. Every space is different and every project is unique. We work closely with Runway East and their design partners Sheila Bird to bring their concepts to life.

Each Runway East project presents a fun and challenging opportunity to push our creativity even further, creating spaces that build communities and embody the RWE brand DNA. Working as an integrated team, our close collaborative partnership allows us to quickly turnaround high-quality spaces. The coworking spaces we create for Runway East are anything but boring.

Lucy Symons

A powerful community

Perfection at pace

Our co-working expert Lucy has led the delivery of a number of Runway East projects since 2020.

  1. York and Elder Works, Brighton
  2. The Hickman, Aldgate East
  3. Chapter House, London Bridge
  4. Tabernacle Street, Shoreditch
  5. 101 Victoria Street, Bristol
  6. Borough Market, London Bridge
  7. 1 Victoria Street, Bristol

Although each project is different, RWE have aspects that run through each: vibrant colours, a variety of working spaces, textures and patterns, biophilia, and communal spaces.

Vibrant Colours

Bold colour palettes lend themselves well to breakout spaces and help bring the space to life.

A variety of working spaces

Spaces for everyone. It’s crucial each site caters to the different needs and working styles of its members.

Textures and patterns

Breakout spaces and communal areas play around with textures and different materials for an eye-catching effect.


Planting throughout the spaces appeal to our innate desire to connect with nature and boosts productivity.

Communal spaces

Bringing people together to inspire and spark creativity is at the heart of what Runway East do.

Time to revolutionise your workplace?

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