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Bright and Beautiful Bloomsbury

Runway East, the UK’s fastest-growing co-working space provider, has successfully completed its ninth project in collaboration with Interaction.

The latest Runway East venture is in central London, just minutes from Tottenham Court Road. As is always the case with Runway East projects, the result is a quirky and colourful coworking space filled with personality.

Runway East co-working offices are designed to nurture a sense of community and collaboration. Varied seating options provide areas for social gatherings, and the three teapoints, each with a distinct identity, encourage spontaneous interactions among members. The offices feature 38 differently sized meeting rooms and 12 focus rooms, accommodating various work styles, whether for focused individual work or collaborative projects.

A childlike sense of fun has been injected into the space – from the meeting rooms named after famous books including Winnie the Pooh and Little Women, to a floor-to-ceiling framed artwork turned disguised doorway.

Arty Guava hand painted the vibrant mural which provides the backdrop to the largest communal area, filling the space with colour. Her work also continues in framed prints and smaller-scale murals in 1-2-1 rooms.

The colour palette of greens, oranges and dusty pinks paired with patterned wallpapers and unique floor tiling give this workspace a unique sense of personality, whilst also providing a calming backdrop to focused work.

Communal working area with soft seating, high workbenches and man working at a laptop
A central communal area flanked by the hand-painted Arty Guava mural offers an area for collaboration and helps build community
Wooden bar stools line the long workspace of the communal kitchen
Clover bar stools offer a place to sit with friends or clients at one of three teapoints and kitchen areas in the space
Light filled stairway with soft seating and plants
Soft-seating in a calming colour palette of green and rust orange provides a peaceful zone for a moment away from work
Biophilic design is present throughout, with plants, greenery and leafy wallpaper bringing the outside in
A meeting room with floral wallpaper design and pink chairs
Over 38 meeting rooms in various sizes offer space for every sort of meeting, conference or group-work
Welcoming reception area with green tiles and plants, one reception worker sits at her desk
A reception area welcomes clients and visitors to Runway East, Bloomsbury

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