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The growth continues for Runway East and their members.

GPE and Runway East had just completed a CAT A fit-out of the award-winning Hickman building – traditionally home to fine British toolmakers. It was important that the CAT B work functioned sympathetically to the CAT A work, including an open-plan café area.

Inspired by the heritage of the building, GPE and RWE wanted a space that celebrated workmanship and artistry, with a high-end fit-out suitable for a high-end building. RWE also needed to ensure their vibrant, anti-corporate brand identity resonated throughout.

The end result was also to factor in sustainability in every design decision – something increasingly important to RWE’s target tenants.

Feature branded manifestation and biophilia wall makes a striking first impression
Bright colours are a staple for Runway East spaces, incredible mural by @mollymural
Large collaboration table with statement piano tiles
Breakout seating with bespoke banquette seating
Booth seating breakout space with feature crittle design

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