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Interaction’s Plug and Play package

Primed is our “plug and play” programme – designed with the needs of landlords, serviced office providers and co-working operators in mind. Primed delivers high-quality, fast-turnaround workspaces that attract best-in-class tenants and “just work” from the minute they get the keys. Our experienced team provide a turnkey solution from the design through fit-out, including technology integration, furniture and interior styling.

The future is fast

At Interaction we pride ourselves on delivering what we call Perfection at Pace – our team are well-versed in turning around high-quality fit-outs at speed for some of the UK’s most ambitious flex space and co-working providers. Primed is the true culmination of this expertise, bought together in a package designed to meet the needs of landlords and operators alike.

Dieter WoodInteraction

Maximum value. Minimum disruption.

Your tenant’s expectations have changed drastically.

No longer content to sign up to long-term leases, high-value tenants are looking for flexible spaces which can evolve with the demands of their organisations.

Being able to offer a pre-fitted workspace to potential tenants brings multiple benefits for landlords.

  1. Spaces that immediately feel like home.
  2. Spaces they can move into and use seamlessly.
  3. Spaces designed with their needs in mind.
  4. Faster tenant acquisition
  5. Reduced rent voids
  6. Provides landlords with a convenient, reliable and competitive advantage

Primed: What’s included?

Although we offer straightforward CAT A+ design and build, Primed is designed to help landlords let their office space as quickly and profitably as possible. Therefore we call on a range of services including:


From feasibility to geodemographics our team provide data-driven insights to ensure the right decisions are reached quickly.


From biometric scanners to desk allocation systems, our technology experts ensure that everything works seamlessly from the start, including Wifi, AV and Building Management Systems.


Plug and play spaces are designed with multiple future iterations and tenancies in mind. Whether fully bespoke or pre-fitted, our designs drive the most value from your space.

Furniture and Interior Styling

Our in-house furniture team are experts at sourcing the perfect furniture to support all ways of working; furniture which perfectly complements the design of your space and how you work.


Our sustainability experts can help advise on the most environmentally-friendly approach to the entire project and keep you up to date with sustainability issues across the sector.


We work with finance partners to provide loans, leasing or hire purchase adapted to optimise your tax position.

Marketing and sales enablement

Our team works as an external arm of your marketing department, helping secure tenants at speed with lightning-fast development of 3D walkthroughs, exterior branding and marketing collateral before customising the tenants space with signage, manifestations, space dressing and even welcome packs.

End of tenancy services

At the end of a tenancy, we provide you with a full plan to refresh the space and secure new tenants with minimum disruption, including all the necessary dilapidations.

Always-on support

Appointment to Aftercare

Every ongoing job, no matter how small, gets seen to by our experienced Aftercare team. Whether it’s reconfiguring the space or replacing a carpet tile, you will have a single point of contact who responds quickly and efficiently to get the issue sorted and your tenants delighted.

Case Studies

Unlocking businesses full potential

Discover how these spaces “just work” from the minute you have the keys

Time to revolutionise your workplace?

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