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A vision for a new way of working.

NMI are a rapidly-scaling software payments company who handle over $70bn of payments across over $1.2bn of transactions, with offices in Salt Lake City, Chicago and New York.

The fast growth of the Bristol office meant they needed to find a new workspace; one to bring together their neurodiverse workforce and facilitate new ways of working and socialising.

They chose the Programme Building in central Bristol as their new home – in every sense of the word. During Interaction’s consultancy, it became apparent that a homely atmosphere was a vital part of NMI’s vision; the space needed to be warm, calm and welcoming.

The empty existing floor plate had lots of potential but was the opposite of homely. Bright, long and light, the space was modern and spacious but somewhat stark.

We quickly knew this job would live or die on the strength of the finish and detail.

Creating calm

Agile and adaptable spaces with flexibility baked-in.

After installing a new cutting-edge air conditioning system to circulate fresh air evenly throughout the entire floor, our priority was to create a space that encouraged socialising and collaboration without losing the spaces needed to do deep, focussed work.

Taking the floorplan into consideration, the easiest option would have been to have two breakout points at either end of the shared space. However, we identified this could lead to a segregated workforce, so we designed an open workspace directly in the middle, encouraging people to mix and socialise naturally.

We built flexibility into every aspect of the design; almost all of the furniture and dividers can be manipulated to create different breakout spaces. Even the tiered seating areas have wheels and fold-down desks hidden at the rear, meaning they can be moved to create further structured work areas.

We then focussed on creating the calm, homely atmosphere NMI wanted, using dark colours and natural tones to bring some relief from the initial brightness of the space.

Allocating budget to accessories allowed the space to begin to feel alive and friendly. A diverse array of plants, art and sculpture ensured the atmosphere is welcoming, warm and comfortable – energised by NMI’s vivid branding in key areas.

Handing over a week ahead of schedule, Interaction has created NMI a workspace that balances vibrancy with calmness; one which accommodates a variety of working styles under the roof of a single culture.

A fully installed S2 access control system includes an out-of-hours biometric scanning capability

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