Perfection at Pace

Perfection at Pace

High-quality office fit-out services

We’re experts in making spaces attractive to high-value tenants by rapidly creating commercially viable, healthier spaces - places where people thrive.

29 year's experience has helped us perfect the way we partner with commercial landlords and developers to:

  • Increase a building’s value
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve sustainability credentials

From the second we’re engaged we focus on balancing speed and quality of delivery.

We call it Perfection at Pace - executing high-quality, high-speed construction projects underpinned by nearly three decades of experience and expertise.

This means we deliver projects on time and on budget.

Maximum value. Minimum disruption.

Our services include CAT A, A+ and CAT B projects.

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Speed x Space

Speed x Space

The idea of the office is evolving at a breakneck pace.

Luckily, that’s the pace we work at, whether delivering Cat A and Cat A + projects for landlords and developers, combined offices and manufacturing centres for global clients, or high speed, high-quality coworking spaces for rapidly scaling serviced office providers. Whether it is a workspace in a new building or refurbishing an existing one, we have the knowledge, experience and passion to make it happen.

We operate in close partnership with our trusted network of contractors and professional services to ensure our projects are delivered to our exacting standards. Every time.

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Empowered by technology: Revit

Empowered by technology: Revit

Revit is an advanced Building Information Modelling tool which drives efficiency and accuracy across the project lifecycle, from conceptual design, visualisation and analysis to fabrication and construction.

It enables, fast, accurate 3D modelling with precision, automatically updating floor plans, elevations and details as the model develops. Multiple stakeholders working into a cloud-based shared model means collaboration has never been quicker.

What this means for you is a much faster build and signoff process, with a rapidly developed 3D walkthrough that notifies all stakeholders of changes in real time.

Using Revit we can generate a bespoke 3D walkthrough of your space within a day, allowing sign-up of new tenants without a lengthy design and consultation process.

We can even share QR codes which track when clients open your model, meaning you can tailor your communications for maximum effectiveness.

Empowered by technology: Procore

Empowered by technology: Procore

Procore is the construction industry’s leading programme management software.

This single platform solution connects our entire project team, removing silos and ensuring real-time communication across all projects.

Procore eliminates delays and connects all stakeholders, maintaining legally compliant records at every stage.

This means you receive real-time photos and updates, with the ability to comment, overlay drawings and even track meeting minutes and actions.

Using Procore means we can deliver your project quickly, transparently and effectively; Perfection at Pace every time.

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We don't dream, we deliver

We don't dream, we deliver

Category A


CAT A fit-outs typically involve creating a functional yet empty space – a blank canvas for interior designers to work their magic on.

A standard CAT A project would be undertaken on behalf of a landlord who wants a finished-yet-feature-free space to market to prospective tenants; an empty space completed up to a point where a tenant can engage an interior designer to create a habitable office.

A finished CAT A project will have all the necessary infrastructure and finishes in place, including water, power, toilets, fire detection systems and painted walls.


Category A+


Increasingly we’re working with Landlords and Developers to create tenant-ready spaces; spaces where tenants can arrive, plug in and get working without hassle. Sometimes called CAT A+, tenant-ready or plug-and-play fitouts, these are compelling propositions for tenants who want a “ready to work” space that is more tailored to their needs than the blank slate of a standard CAT A finish.


Category B


We're committed to creating purpose-built spaces where people can thrive. Once the CAT A fit-out is completed (or sometimes running as a parallel project), the Cat B fit-out brings the space to life. This is where all the design and bespoke elements will be installed to give the space a sense of identity and personality.

Ideally beginning with a period of workplace strategy consulting and space planning, a CAT B fit-out will be tailored around the bespoke requirements of an individual business, from the type of work done there to the colour of the vases in reception.

With detailed floorplans and spaces zoned and shaped by the needs of the occupier, CAT B fit-outs should result in a space that brings out the best in the people that use it; a place they can thrive and do their best work in an environment that reflect their company values and aspirations.

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Nothing is more important than delivering a project safely

Nothing is more important than delivering a project safely

We’re audited by WISE safety services, with all sites independently inspected every two weeks. Once reviewed by our Senior Team, all the data is housed in our transparent reporting system.

Every site manager is a trained Mental Health First aider and we have constant onsite education in the form of Toolbox Talks which cover everything from welding safety to the warning signs of depression.

As members of the Considerate Contractors Scheme, we’re constantly looking to raise onsite standards in the construction industry

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Sustainability made simple

Sustainability made simple

We think hard about the effect of every decision we make.​ We call it Intelligent Impact. ​

Like health and safety, sustainability considerations are baked into every part of our process. Every project we undertake is an opportunity to create a better environment – for people and the planet.  ​

Each project demands a different sustainability strategy, but internally we consistently design out waste and design in sustainable materials.  ​

We constantly assess each project to minimise its environmental impact, even down to who we use as suppliers (and our network of regional suppliers means we limit the carbon footprint of the supply chain). ​

Sustainability is vital - but we also make it  simple.

Amenities that exceed expectations

Amenities that exceed expectations

Top-class amenities aren’t just at the top of many people’s​ list; they pretty much are the list.​

​Our experience covers everything from installing signal-proof Faraday cages to cutting-edge active travel suites featuring steam hanger cabinets, omnidirectional showers, cycle storage and electric charging points for bikes, cars and even scooters. ​​

Flexible, functional and attractive, we’ll ensure your project is underpinned by amenities people love.

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Got a question?

Got a question?

The office design and build world can be a complex beast to get your head around. Office fit-out questions you may have vary depending on your project, but to help you out, check out some of the most popular questions we get asked.

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