The Rise of Resimercial

Posted by Gary Duguid on 06/02/2018

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2017 saw a significant rise in the use of “Resimercial” design, where residential and commercial themes are amalgamated.

With it set to gain further traction this year, we take a closer look at this developing trend and why it will be beneficial for your workplace. 

Resimercial Design | SunLife | Bristol

A place where staff members want to come to work

The Resimercial design trend encompasses layouts, architecture and furniture that blend residential and domestic interiors with more traditional workplace aspects. It revolves around the liberalisation of workplace design, which puts people and their work-life balance at the centre.

By creating comfortable environments, the workplace becomes a place where staff members want to come to work in, rather than a place they have to be – which in turn, enhances productivity. This productivity underpins the trend; by working in a more comfortable space, individuals are inspired to be more creative and collaborative – factors which greatly enhance the output of work.

It’s also evidential of employers valuing their staff, as Helen Booker of Frövi (who specialise in furniture for social spaces, some of which can be seen in Wild & Wolf's new cafe area below) discusses: “Resimercial emulates the balance between work and home. By mimicking the atmosphere of the home environment and café culture, employers show they understand that their staff have a life outside of the office, and they’re prepared to compromise for them. That’s a powerful plus-point for an employer.”

Resimercial Offices | Wild & Wolf | Bath Office Interiors

The Resimercial trend in action

Interaction designer Hayley Whitlock shines further light on the development of the trend, commenting how: “Resimercial design has grown in tandem with collaborative and agile spaces. The more workspace design has moved in that direction, the more we have seen the Resimercial trend. Every design and build project we work on is based around creating agile, collaborative and flexible working spaces that bring out the best in people – and Resimercial now plays a significant role in this too.

A great example where we have used Resimercial recently was in our project for SunLife. The reputable insurance company wanted to enhance their working culture with a modern, collaborative and wow-factor space. A key part of achieving this came from utilising the Resimercial trend and combining spaces for working and downtime, in addition to one-of-a-kind finishing touches, such as a central tree. The breakout areas give a particular nod to Resimercial, by offering the comfort of home in a workplace setting, with varied styles of seating, lighting and décor. The overall result is a flexible environment suitable for today’s modern work force – and one that will encourage collaboration, creative thinking and productivity.”

We’re excited to see what the future of Resimercial holds – the design team here are looking forward to using it more and more...

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