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Design & Build firms: What are they and why should I use them?

Design & Build (D&B) firms have transformed the construction industry: think of them as an expert hub, housing design, fit-out and project management under one roof. We exist to seamlessly deliver projects to businesses nationwide, with the ultimate goal of putting people first to improve the workplace experience for all.

Why appoint a Design & Build firm?

You may be wondering, can’t my business just do our office design & build in-house? Of course; that’s always an option, however once you outweigh the benefits of using a D&B firm, we find that most businesses change their mind:

  • Streamlined Processes: A Design and Build company provides a single point of contact for the entire project, from initial design to final construction. This integrated approach eliminates the need for separate contracts and coordination between multiple parties, streamlining the entire process.
  • Time and cost savings: By working with a D&B company, you can save time and money. We handle both design and construction concurrently, reducing the overall project timeline. Additionally, cost savings can be achieved through value engineering, where the design and build team collaborates to find cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
  • Enhanced collaboration: With a Design and Build company, the design and construction teams work closely together from the beginning. This collaboration ensures that the design is feasible, aligns with the budget and construction requirements, and allows for efficient problem-solving during the project. The result is a cohesive and well-executed office fit-out.
  • Consistency and accountability: With a single entity responsible for both design and build, there is better accountability throughout the project. The D&B company takes full responsibility for the entire process, ensuring that any issues are addressed efficiently. This accountability helps minimise potential conflicts and delays.
  • Integrated expertise: Design & Build companies typically have a multidisciplinary team with expertise in both design and construction. This integrated approach allows for seamless communication, efficient decision-making, and effective problem-solving. It also ensures that the design is executed in a way that aligns with the original vision and intent.
  • Design customisation and optimisation: Working with a Design & Build firm provides an opportunity to customise the design to meet your specific needs and goals. The team can collaborate with you to understand your requirements, including the wider team, and tailor the design accordingly. Additionally, the fit-out expertise within the company ensures that the design is optimised for construction efficiency, functionality, and sustainability.
  • Efficient project management: Design and Build companies often have established project management processes and systems in place. At Interaction, we use Procore, the all-in-one construction management software, to ensure efficient coordination of various tasks, timelines, and resources throughout the project. The streamlined project management approach minimises the likelihood of miscommunication, delays, and cost overruns.
  • Reduced stress and complexity: Engaging a Design & Build firm simplifies the entire office fit-out process for you. They take care of all aspects, including design, permits, construction, and project management. This reduces your stress and allows you to focus on your core business activities while leaving the office fit-out in capable hands. Learn more with our Ultimate Guide to Office Fit-Outs.
We value putting people first, always. One way we achieve this is by creating inviting collaboration spaces like you can see here at Pax8.

Combining creativity with technical expertise

Design & Build firms do it all. From initial concepts, to finishing touches, we are the experts. At Interaction we’ve got over 30 years of experience transforming commercial spaces. Every business we work with has a different level of input and experience; some come to us with no defined brief and others with existing designs and concepts. A D&B firm consists of many teams who each manage different project stages under one roof:

  • Workplace Strategy: This is a service we offer which aims to help businesses determine their priorities and issues. This often includes utilisation studies, multi-office portfolio reviews, employee and leadership engagement and post-occupation evaluation. We aim to work closely with the team to understand their individual desires and requirements which ultimately influence every decision thereon.
  • Shaping a brief: A formal brief can be drafted to ensure all parties involved share the vision and priorities are clearly defined.
  • Design: We work to produce high-quality spatial designs, including 3D, 360° and Virtual Reality (VR) visuals. The client has frequent opportunities to feedback on the design, make changes and express any thoughts, until a design is finalised and agreed upon.
  • Contracts & Project Management: Our teams will manage all the suppliers, contractors, deliveries and finances of the project in a seamless and organised manner. We troubleshoot any potential challenges, ensuring your project is delivered on time and above expectation.
  • Fit-out: Our experienced Site Team work above and beyond to skillfully deliver the physical space, turning your workspace from a vision to a reality
  • Onboarding & Marketing: Our Marketing Team are on-hand to introduce your team to their new space, showing them its full potential and function. They’re not limited to internal events, if you want to show off your new space to local businesses, friends and partners, they’re happy to partner with you to throw a fantastic launch party. They’ll also work to get your new space out there in the press and build it’s online recognition post completion.
  • Aftercare: Our Aftercare Team are your first port of call for as long as you may need them, helping to source replacements, seamlessly eliminate any post-occupancy teething problems or deal with anything bigger.
  • We Prize Partnerships: We love the opportunity to collaborate in various capacities, be it organising events, partnering on new projects, providing recommendations, or simply welcoming you into our network. Our dedicated Relationships Team is thrilled to foster a long-term relationship with you.

Do you need the help of a Design and Build firm?

Whether you need help with workplace strategy, design or fit-out, we’re the experts. Give Charlie a call on 01225 485 600 or drop us a line. If you’d like to see more of what we do, take a look at our jaw-dropping case studies, or check out the rest of our insights.

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