Re-imagine your workplace. Office design for choice.

We’re strategic as well as creative. Office design is about problem-solving and positive changes. It’s about designing for choice. Empowering your employees to choose where and how they work depending on each task.


We know sustainable design runs deeper than aesthetics. It reflects your values and responds to your people. Essential then, that it’s woven through the fabric of a brief and fundamental to strategic planning, for today and tomorrow.

Workplace Design

Workplace Design

Workplace design is a powerful tool that can make a tangible difference to your business.

We've known the impact of excellent office interior design for years. It was Winston Churchill who said that “we shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us”. We think he was absolutely right. In fact, there’s plenty of research from academics and experts that supports this. The right office space design can boost employee productivity by between 5-15%.

The workplace re-imagined. Design for flexibility.

Not only are we hugely creative. We are strategic too. With the world of work now in the digital space as much as the physical, workplace interior designers need to think in terms of a workplace ecosystem rather than single workplaces.

Meaningful office design. Beyond the aesthetics.

We design to nudge behaviour, to encourage chance encounters, to get people moving, to carefully curate the desired atmosphere. Our goal is to create an exemplary employee and visitor experience while incorporating health and wellbeing, sustainability and technological measures into the fabric of our office designs.



We begin our creative design process by first acknowledging that your workforce is made up of unique individuals. Therefore, only a unique solution will allow them to thrive. With this in mind, we make sure we really know about your people before beginning your office design – something our 28 years’ worth of experience has taught us.

We design for today’s modern working habits.

We also consider modern working habits. Today’s workforces generally have the flexibility to work anywhere. Technology has given employees more freedom. But it's also increased the need for an agile workplace. One where talent can flourish and collaboration is positively encouraged.

Offices should enhance the energy of the team.

“The environment is buzzy and energetic, and lends itself to the collective team approach that enables us to offer service excellence.”

John Ludley, Managing Director, Sutton Specialist Risks

We bring creative design to life.

Interaction takes all this into account in every single project. We then carry the same attention to detail through to our office fit-outs. We combine the very best in robust project management expertise. Combined with the freshest design and creative thinking, it'll bring your new workspace to life.

Concept Design

Evidence-based office design that tells your story

What’s your story? Design isn’t just about how you look. It’s about your culture, your brand, your personality. It’s about what you do and how you want to work. We listen to you, gaining an in-depth understanding of your needs and desires. Then we marry this with what’s going on in the wider office design landscape.

We don’t believe in design templates. We create inspirational spaces that are as unique as you.

Bespoke office design is a process of co-creation. At Interaction, we work closely with you to develop your brief and ensure you are central to the design experience. Co-creating with you through a series of workshops before we start space planning, building 2D and 3D visuals, and curating finishes. Applying our ever-evolving expert knowledge and creativity to turn visionary goals into inspirational realities.

Detail Design

Detail Design


Design is in the detail.

No matter how great something looks, if it is not evolved with careful consideration, thinking about how all the elements and details are connected, it’ll never work. We go beyond the aesthetic to satisfy a client’s wider objectives such as sustainability and cost and time efficiency. How can we adapt our designs to reduce the amount of waste materials? What can we repurpose to save money and the environment? How do we integrate smart building technology into the space planning?


Exacting planning and collaboration to eliminate risk.

Once a concept is agreed, we work closely with our Project, Contracts and Delivery Teams to sense check that it is feasible, within budget, and meets all necessary regulations. Through our close, creative partnerships with both in-house teams, and key sub-contractors, we ensure every detail works, preventing unexpected errors further down the line. From structural to joinery; electrics to lighting, we eliminate risk and create opportunities for added value.

Design Delivery

Design Delivery

Working together to make your vision a reality.

Like we say, we do things differently. We don’t believe in a traditional process, passing designs along a conveyor belt. We make it our mission to stay close and on-site through your journey, resolving any issues and spotting new opportunities. We stay involved, from before the brief, to the moment your employees arrive in their new space.

This isn’t just a process, it’s about people.

Our designers are part of the family – along with our clients, our contractors and our project managers. We join-up, we connect, we co-create. Using specialist construction project management software, we can control and easily share drawing versions with clients and sub-contractors. That way we can be sure we meet the expectations of everyone involved, assuring a seamless delivery that’s always exciting – never frustrating.

We also offer a ‘Detail and Build’ service, alongside ‘Design and Build’. This is where we take another’s design and develop working drawings before we translate it into the finished project. Working closely alongside client’s designers and other professional services.

Interior Styling

Interior Styling

Finishing touches that celebrate your culture.

Interior styling completes your design. Blending your brand and creating your culture. Dressing your space in ways that improve the wellbeing of your employees and inspire your clients, customers and visitors.

Tailoring that’s timeless. We select for your story.

We don’t follow fashion. We do push boundaries. Reflecting your overall design concept, from wallpaper to wallflower, from tap to teacup. We remain at the forefront of workplace interior design, so we can bring you new styles and timeless trends across colour schemes, fabrics and fittings. Introducing accessories and finishing touches that gives a space its welcome, warmth and character.

We do interior styling that gives your space and story its soul. That can add longevity to a space. Reintroducing a fresh new look for little cost. Yes, we might work to a set of guidelines and to your budget, but from colour schemes to soft furnishings, we will embrace your uniqueness and express your individuality.