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Office Design

It’s time to banish boring offices.

For the last 30 years, we have been helping businesses showcase their brand and culture with our bespoke office design services. Our approach isn’t about aesthetics, it’s about enabling people to work in the way that suits them best. It’s about deeply understanding how people interact with their surroundings to design an office space that enables incredible work to happen…and well, yes looks amazing.

Re-imagine your office space

“Good office design is where insight, strategy and creativity come together. It’s about problem solving and subtly building positive behaviours – it’s about people, above all.”

Liesl WherryCreative Lead

Your workplace is the heart of your business

Meaningful office design solutions

It was Winston Churchill who said
“We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us”.

We think he was right – and there’s plenty of academic research to show that the right office space design can boost productivity by between 5 and 15%.

However, the way we work has changed dramatically. The office must not only serve the people in it but also those who are working remotely. A seamless tech infrastructure and dedicated areas for hybrid (or even Metaverse) meetings will help your people connect no matter their location.

The office now sits at the heart of a work ecosystem, with a remit to encourage chance encounters, boost creativity, facilitate communication, provide an engaging employee and visitor experience, enhance wellbeing and improve your organisation’s sustainability metrics. 

In short, your workplace needs to work

How we design and build offices

Bespoke office design is a process of co-creation. At Interaction, we work closely with you to develop your brief and ensure you are central to the design experience.

  • Inspiration
    Your workforce is made of unique individuals; therefore only a unique solution will enable them to thrive. In a series of workshops we dive deep into what makes them tick – before we even start to think about design. 
  • Concept Design
    It’s time to start planning your office space. This means building out 2D and 3D images to visualise your new space, bringing concepts and ideas rapidly to life.
  • Design Detail
    We take a more granular approach to the initial concepts, ensuring they satisfy the project’s objectives  – are they sustainable enough? What can we repurpose to save both budget and the environment? How do we seamlessly integrate smart building technology? Have we covered every use case?
  • Exact Planning
    Once a concept is agreed, we work closely with our Project, Contracts and Delivery teams to sense check it’s feasible, on budget and meets all necessary regulations. We ensure every detail works, eliminating any surprises from infrastructure all the way down to what colour tea towels will go best with the paint in the kitchen area.
  • Delivering Perfection At Pace
    Our Designers stay involved throughout the entire process, making frequent visits to the site and ensuring they resolve any issues and maximise any opportunities as they occur.
  • Interior Design
    Finishing touches that celebrate your culture. Our Interior Design team look after the final details that give your space its soul. Working from the forefront of workplace interior design, they bring timeless trends and new styles across colour schemes, fabrics, furniture and fittings.

Always-on support

Appointment to Aftercare

Every ongoing job, no matter how small, gets seen to by our experienced Aftercare team. Whether it’s reconfiguring the space or replacing a carpet tile, you will have a single point of contact who responds quickly and efficiently to get the issue sorted and your tenants delighted.

Time to revolutionise your workplace?

We’d love to hear your plans. Get in touch with Charlie to see how we can bring them to life. 

Latest insights.

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