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Fast-growing cloud software marketplace Pax8 needed a stylish and cutting-edge office to serve as their UK home. We worked closely with their landlord to provide them exactly that.

Global cloud software marketplace Pax8 has multiple “Best place to work” awards. One of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States, their Bristol office serves as their foothold in the UK. Therefore it was a given that their new space in The Distillery needed to be an inclusive and welcoming space, compelling enough to focus their people around the workplace and flexible enough to enable multiple ways of working.

Feels like home

Instantly identifiable

With Pax8 refreshing their office stock around the world, a key part of the brief was letting visitors instantly identify the office as one of Pax8’s global homes. The space needed to serve as an embodiment of their ethos – foregrounding diversity, inclusion, different ways of thinking and empowering staff to work in the ways that suit them best. With that brief established, they introduced us to the Landlord, Royal London, who funded the fit-out and became our end client.

For such a people-focussed company, it was obvious that communal spaces would be integral. We created a huge broken-plan social area, comprised of several zones including a canteen, a games area, a pool table, a ping-pong table and a VR zone.

A full array of biophilia and maximisation of natural light throughout gives the vibrant space a relaxed and calm feel. Hi-tech juice, beer and coffee machines remember the preferences of every global employee.

A variety of working spaces throughout ensure the needs of every employee are met, from team hub areas to solo working spaces, multi-use booths and breakout zones. Furniture throughout is high-spec and high-end, combining ergonomic excellence and aesthetics.

Natural light floods into the main breakout and kitchen space at Pax8’s Bristol office

Inclusive and welcoming

Welcome to Pax8

Pax8 now have a welcoming home for any of their global employees, a stylish space in one of Bristol’s most sought-after buildings in which every detail highlights their people-centric approach.

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