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We created a cool, colourful space to unite 200 of the South West’s brightest legal minds.

In 2012, we started working with Devon’s largest law firm, Wollens, on a brief to bring together their multisite team under a single roof. Following our initial conversations Wollens started to grow at breakneck speed, undergoing two mergers and a substantial re-brand. While the brief evolved, their vision remained focussed on creating an energizing, collaborative workspace that fosters community.

To start with a totally blank slate, the existing building was demolished to make way for At Harbourside, a new mixed-use development in Torquay.

Interaction delivered At Harbourside’s initial CAT A fit-out, and so were well-suited to help Wollens develop their new home on the second floor with beautiful views of Torquay.

“Interaction have been fantastic partners over the duration of a long, complex and constantly evolving journey. Their in-depth knowledge of the modern workplace meant we could rely on them to help develop and guide our thinking; they are well-informed experts with an attitude that gets stuff done.”

Practice Director, Clive Meredith

Getting creative with colour

Shades of blue…

Wollens promise exceptional service; to “think in full colour but to keep things black & white”.

During the process, Wollens underwent a substantial rebrand which significantly extended their colour palette beyond their original shades of blue. Incorporating bold colours into a design can be tricky, and we know that colour in the workplace highly influences employee performance and productivity (check out our blog here) so it was crucial to strike the right balance when incorporating their brand.

Certain areas play well to all colours such as the kitchen and entrance hall, where the brand palette has been subtly incorporated without being overpowering. There are pops of colour throughout the otherwise neutral space, especially in the collaborative spaces. Colourblocked meeting room walls play against carefully selected furniture pieces with complementary fabrics.  

Welcoming new ways of working

Zoning in

When it comes to clients, first impression counts. An impressive client-facing space with a reception and Front of House ensures the first touchpoint aligns to the exceptional service Wollens provide. An inviting coffee space with “help yourself” stations ensures a hospitable welcome to all.

A huge kitchen provides a social focal point to the floor, anchored by a large oak island and featuring a variety of spaces in which people can eat or hold informal meetings. Natural light floods in from floor-to-ceiling windows

All spaces have been designed with an eye on flexibility; the technology and furniture in the boardroom can moved and used in different ways according to the type of meeting taking place. Other breakout spaces are multipurpose and a variety or collaborative, social and solo work areas ensure the Wollens team can work in the ways that suit them best.

Collaboration was a key part of the brief; therefore, a large part of the floor is taken up with areas designed to foster teamwork, break down silos and encourage knowledge-sharing. The remaining workspace is split into neighbourhoods, with a mix of quiet and small meeting rooms. Strategically placed facilities such as printers encourage movement around the space and reduce unnecessary printing.

Flexible breakout space with high bench seating and informal soft seating.

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