2019 Workplace Design Trends: Ones To Watch

We’ve combined research with our designers’ opinions to bring you five key themes to look out for in 2019: from biophilia to natural finishes these are our predictions.


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A new year is upon us…


…and that means that our designers are getting excited about the workplace design trends that may make an appearance over the next 12 months.

We’ve amalgamated our expertise, designers’ opinions, and wider research to bring you five key themes to watch out for.

Trend 1: Green Offices As Standard


Last year saw the upsurge of green workplaces, with key finishing touches including floor plants and moss walls. Moving on to this year, the trend has gone a step further; arguably natural touches (especially ferns and small planters) are now a ‘given’ aspect of workplaces and biophilia in general is second nature when it comes to office design – as necessary as windows or staircases.

Here at Interaction, we’re advocates for this and design biophilia into our workplaces wherever we can. Not only do these additions look great, but they have a positive effect on wellbeing and even productivity.

Biophilia may become the standard in workplace design, not just an optional extra.

Trend 2: Rustic and Natural Finishes


Linking up with the ‘green offices as a given’ trend, finishing touches are likely to be inspired by all things natural in 2019. Our designers think scallop and scale shapes will be popular on tiles in tea points and bathrooms, in addition to rustic metal touches on floors and materials, and naturally-inspired jewel shades like emerald and sapphire.

Designer Victoria suggests why these might be popular: “Finishes inspired by nature help to create a calming yet inspiring environment – a combination that is great news for productivity, as well as overall office aesthetics”.


Trend 3: The Evolution of the Coworking Space

Coworking, which brings different companies under one roof, has gained popularity rapidly in the last couple of years. 2019 will see a further development: rather than separate entities remaining closed off from one another, we could see dividing walls coming down to allow different businesses to actually share the same space and resources.

Even in more traditional workplaces, brick and mortar walls may be replaced with smaller dividers, such as metal display cabinets or acoustic panels.

Coworking spaces, like the one we created for Runway East, could evolve even further.

Trend 4: A New Lease of Life


In the next 12 months, “recycling” could gain a whole new meaning in the world of commercial property; as demand increases for space in busy cities, so will the trend of injecting new life into unique old buildings.

Bringing once dilapidated steel and brick structures and warehouses back to life is a particularly positive move for business parks. A prime example of this, and a project we’re currently working in, is Frome’s new business park, which includes the refurbishment of the well-known 1960s-era Tool and Gauge building.


Progress is in full swing at Frome Business Park, due for completion in the Spring.

Trend 5: Experience-driven Spaces


Shining an even brighter light on employee wellbeing, the next 12 months could see workplace enhancements aimed at cultivating further community and morale. Examples could include meditation areas, yoga studios, virtual reality zones and active spaces. These features would be aimed at every member of staff, regardless of role and generation.



Time will tell…


Always up to date with the latest design practices, and those that are best for employees and wider businesses, we’re looking forward to putting some of these 2019 workplace design trends into practice when creating even more unique workplaces throughout 2019.


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