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Two tech specialists sat at the Guru bar where staff can access tech support at work


Embracing Innovation: Exploring Modern Office Tech

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, technology has become pivotal, transforming how we operate and collaborate. This blog opens the door to a world where innovation isn’t just a luxury but a necessity. As experts in the modern workplace, we share our thoughts on the crucial role that technology plays in enhancing the contemporary work experience.

What your employees expect

There’s a baseline expectation for certain technologies in the workplace, which employees rely on for seamless operations. Some tech will be game-changing for certain businesses and useless for others, depending on their industry, preferences and hybrid policy. That said, in the modern workplace, there are a handful of technologies we believe are essential for communication, connectivity and collaboration. Here they are:

Room Booking and Availability

Vital in the modern workplace, room booking panels and desk availability sensors enhance efficiency. This is by allowing employees to find and book workspaces effortlessly in order to action their ever important ‘to-do’ list.

Room booking tablet fixed to a wall at Amdaris' workspace in Bristol.
At Amdaris, we included virtual room booking panels to clearly signpost meeting room availability and make it easy to book a space, leading to increased productivity.
Digital desk availability marker
These desk-availability lights at GKN are an accessible way to display available vs unavailable desks. This is ideal in a space which uses hot desking, without having to ask or cause disruption.

Adjustable Lighting

Customisable lighting reduces eye strain, fosters focus, and contributes to a comfortable working atmosphere. Not only this, aesthetically pleasing lighting improves morale and job satisfaction, creating a positive work experience for your staff.

An office break out area with feature lighting.
Custom strip lights are a great way to adjust the mood of the space with ease, like at The Quarter.

Digital Lockers

Digital lockers can be assigned to employees (as shown below) or unassigned, so you can find an available locker to use as and when you need it. This also works best for guests and visitors. Digital lockers also promote active travel, providing a secure place to store a change of clothes and activewear. To find out more, read our guide to active travel.

Digital Locker being opened by smartphone app.
At legal firm Osborne Clarke, we included digital lockers for all employees. Now, they can achieve peace of mind and improve work-life balance by leaving work behind daily.

Hybrid Working Flexibility

Having set-ups suitable for video conferencing makes hybrid work seamless. Whether working from the office, home or a cafe, you’ll be able to connect with your team in just one click.

Hybrid call with participants in person and on screen.
PRG Recruitment’s workplace is perfect for video conferencing, with large screens, great camera technology and suitable mics throughout the space to ensure great acoustics.

Soundproof Spaces

Whether in the form of focus spaces, phone booths or solo working pods, soundproof spaces facilitate private and concentrated work. Especially when working in a buzzy, high-energy workplace, it’s important to offer solace for focussed work, and to cater for neurodiverse requirements.

In our office, The Quarter, we incorporated focus rooms such as this one, The Lift.

Speaker-tracking camera

Vital for dynamic collaboration, these cameras ensure focus on the active speaker, fostering inclusivity and elevating the quality of virtual meetings. Ideal for large boardrooms with a single participant, they’re indispensable in the modern workplace,

Speaker-tracking cameras can be found in London & Country’s boardroom, increasing the interactivity and efficiency of meetings by automatically detecting the current speaker and reducing the need for manual adjustments. 


Low audio quality and user experience can make or break the success of a meeting, lecture or event. It’s important in large hybrid meetings that you can capture crisp audio for those who are dialled in, and that’s where a wireless microphone system comes in. A Catchbox is exactly that, a throwable mic system which allows for all-hands meetings with remote dial-in.

Catchbox being used my team members
At IOP Publishing this Catchbox allows people to share their thoughts and will provide crisp audio to those who are attending virtually, which is an accessible way to integrate a hybrid policy.

Portable monitors

Experience dual-screen productivity anywhere with a portable second screen. Especially important in agile work environments where hot desking is encouraged, these screens remove barriers to productivity, plus they’re lightweight and compact.

Cohesive USBC Hubs

Keep agile working simple by using USBC hubs that apply to all tech, workspaces and meeting rooms throughout the office. This allows greater connectivity, so wherever you sit, you can plug and play seamlessly.

Lightweight and Efficient Laptops

Ensure laptops are small and light, making them more efficient for use. People are more likely to look after a machine which they enjoy using, so it’s worth investing in something perfect for the requirements of each role. Lightweight laptops will also encourage agile work and hotdesking.

Staff member working on a laptop
At The Quarter, we ensure our Actioneers are equipped with laptops which can manage their workload and the software they require, making hot desking and hybrid work a breeze.

Easily adaptable music

Ever tried making an important phone call in a room full of office workers where you could hear a pin drop? What about crunching into an apple, or a bag of crisps? Not only is this unbearably painful for the perpetrator, but it can also be distracting and awkward for everyone else in the room. We recommend having easily controllable music which can be altered by the people in that space.

Ipad for controlling music.
Using a subscription such as SoundMachine, which brings commercial background music to businesses is a great way to improve the office environment. Take a look at our set up in The Quarter, where music can be changed and volume adjusted with ease.

Accessible Tech Training

Accessible tech training is crucial at work to ensure inclusivity and equal opportunities. It empowers employees with diverse abilities, fostering a supportive and accommodating workplace. By promoting accessibility, organisations enhance productivity, innovation, and create an environment that values diversity and equality.

Guru bar at Osborne Clarke.
A Guru Bar was installed at Osborne Clarke, to act as hassle-free drop-in support for technology from a specialist, ranging from help with printers to software training.
Large screen on wall.
Interaction’s office at The Quarter features large screens used to share relevant information, such as Wi-Fi codes and upcoming event information. This makes connectivity even more seamless and simple.

Integrate technology with Interaction

In conclusion, the journey of embracing innovation goes beyond choice – it’s a necessity in the modern workplace. This toolkit serves as your guide to elevate workplace efficiency and communication. For more information on this topic, take a look at our page dedicated to expertise on workplace strategy.

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