How we work

Every project, every client and every space deserves to be unique. We believe in the power of individuality. At Interaction, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to workplace design.

Which is why our inspirational workspaces aren’t achieved by accident. The project journey is about more than just a process. It’s about experience, commitment and culture. These are all things we’ve perfected over the last twenty years. The result?

Workspaces: Reimagined.

“More often than not, we reveal a brief you didn’t know was there.”

Our approach always begins with exploring and challenging your brief. We get under your skin and explore the potential. 
By questioning your brief we show you how a reimagined workspace can deliver positive and fundamental change to your organisation. We may even reveal a brief you didn’t know was there.

“We don't believe in design templates. We create spaces that are as unique as you.”

Once we’ve defined and agreed the brief we begin to get creative. This is where our office design experts use their evolving knowledge of modern workspaces to turn goals into realities. We design a space that’s right for you, it’s never a carbon copy and it’s always innovative.  

“We have more than a process. What we have is a culture.”

Finally, we work with you to bring your vision to life. We sequence your office fit-out perfectly to eliminate delays and to align the expectations of everyone involved. Our culture is to celebrate ‘snag-free’ over and above anything else… which is what ensures your excitement never morphs into frustration.

The best kind of workspace design always delivers more than it is given credit for. It guides culture; it fosters a sense of togetherness; and it creates bond. We believe the workplace is a tool that can improve productivity, increase staff retention and attract new talent. 
Big or small, all change starts with a conversation