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Thrive with us

Our first principle is “People, Above All” – and that starts with our team.

We’re committed to having the best workplace culture you’ll find. A culture founded on our shared values of Creativity, Commitment and Collaboration. A culture that’s based on trust, transparency and a drive to create better working environments for everybody.

People are our purpose

Meet the Ministry

Ministry of Action (The MOA)

We think our culture is best-in-class, and we’d like to keep it that way. That’s why we’ve introduced a committee to improve and protect our culture we grow.

The MOA is a small (yet mighty) team dedicated to improving the lives of Actioneers. In your first few months we’ll buddy you up with someone from the MOA to help you find your feet as you settle, as well as navigate complex issues like “which of these condiments can I use?” or “how do I book holiday?”. They also help organise lots of our social activities and bar nights, including CSR initiatives.

The MOA are always on hand to answer questions, represent your views and generally make sure you have the best possible experience as part of the Interaction team.

We’re incredibly proud of the culture we’ve created at Interaction, from our smoothies on a Monday morning to regular paid Commitment Days where we assist local charities. Our team are dynamic, talented, warm, and helpful – and totally committed to delighting clients by banishing boring offices.

Gary DuguidDirector

Our values make us

Skills can be taught, but values are intrinsic. We like to employ people based on their talent, their potential and a shared ethos.

  • Creative

    Courageous in our creativity, we’re intuitive, imaginative and inspired by everything. We look for better ways to do everything, all the time. We refuse to settle for dull ideas.

  • Collaborative

    At Interaction you’ll often hear the phrase “All in!” – because we are. We look out for each other’s wellbeing as we work towards our shared goals. We come together to solve problems and we share our successes with our partners and suppliers.

  • Committed

    We go above and beyond to deliver workplaces that change lives. We’re passionate and pragmatic in equal measure; we don’t just get the job done – we do it brilliantly.

People, Above All

Our current vacancies

Take a look at our latest vacancies. If there’s nothing that suits your skillset and experience, but you feel you could add to our team, we want to hear from you.

  • Design Team

    Student Placement: Interior Design

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Our culture is worth shouting about

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