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Network N’s growth trajectory has been nothing short of astonishing. 

During the pandemic the Bath-based games and media group had to increase their headcount threefold as gaming and esports rocketed in popularity. They knew their current space would be creaking at the seams when their staff eventually returned to the office.  

They also knew that their workplace would have to function in a different way, with more co-working style spaces, collaborative areas, focus zones… and of course plenty of space in which to play their vast array of gaming consoles. 

Gaming and esports is big business. Network N wanted a space that positioned them as a mature business in the sector – one where new and old Networkers could come together and reaffirm their culture in a vibrant environment. 

Interaction’s enthusiasm for the project reflected back on us and the results have been remarkable. Our staff are stunned by the difference it’s made in terms of how they work and how they collaborate

Tim EdwardsCEO, Network N

Comfort and style don’t have to be enemies

Discovering what makes Network N’s perfect office.

Our first step was to interview all the team heads and tease out their idea of the perfect office. From these interviews we prioritised the most in-demand aspects and mapped out the necessary types of spaces given the different working styles of the team. Visioning sessions followed, with mood boards used to refine ideas and possible directions. 

A warm and natural theme emerged – timber, earthy tones and dark frames creating a comfortable yet stylish aesthetic. A gym was designed for the ground floor, with the first floor housing the majority of desks and the second floor providing a variety of workplace and social settings, including a gaming area. 

The space is cleverly zoned using different fabrics, curtains, soft furnishings and agile furniture.

Meetings and Mario Kart

Space to play.

Curtains divide the key spaces and create flexible zones. Bespoke credenzas house the huge TVs and their connected consoles. A living moss wall serves as a relaxing backdrop to an informal meeting space. 

Network N have grown phenomenally but not thoughtlessly. They’ve put in place the foundations for even further success, putting their talented team at the heart of their business and giving them the home they need to thrive.  

And play the occasional game of Mario Kart. 

Let’s show you around

Welcome to the new workspace

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