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A guide to utilising Enhanced Capital Allowances for your new workspace

We discuss the importance of utilising the Enhanced Capital Allowance government scheme when refurbishing your workplace. We explore what the scheme is, how to utilise it, and we showcase a prime example.

Meetings just got more exciting

With the continuing shifts in office design, one of the aspects of the workplace that has been revolutionised is the way we meet. Interaction explore how the traditional meeting room is failing us and what we can do about it.

25 years; looking forward, looking back

Interaction are celebrating 25 years in business this year. We look back briefly to where it all started and what we expect to see in the workplace of the future.

A Guide To Virtual Reality in Design

The term ''Virtual Reality'' is pretty ubiquitous, but to many it''s still seen as a foreign technology. Interaction provide a guide to VR, discussing the recent popularisation in modern day society, and VR's role in the present and future of office design.