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TLT World: new ways of working

TLT have always had a progressive approach to how they build their culture and nurture their staff. As the COVID-19 pandemic raged, TLT saw an opportunity to embrace new ways of working in a manner that benefited their staff and their clients. They moved quickly, launching TLT World, a truly flexible working policy which empowered their people to work wherever suited them best.

A key element of this was to change the types of workspace they offered to be more flexible, engaging and welcoming. Interaction have worked with TLT since 1992, and so were the perfect partners when it came to starting a new chapter of their workplace story.

The new workplace needed to align with the ways of working heralded by TLT World: a variety of spaces to do different kinds of work, plenty of client-friendly areas, social spaces and hot desks.

Interaction were commissioned to design the workspace and supply furniture, with a local contractor responsible for the build process.

Striking first impressions

Instantly recognisable

The first impression of the project is striking. As the lift opens onto the ninth floor, the unimpeded view is immediately apparent, with a reception area and suite of meetings rooms sharing an outlook over the cityscape.  

Of course, having a network of offices means the space needs to be instantly recognisable as a TLT workspace. Therefore key elements subtly connect the office to the others, including a large branded reception.

The wider office is divided into client and work-focussed spaces.  

Client space is identified by bespoke joinery, branded signs and subtle acoustic treatment. A flexible boardroom serves for training, events, large meetings and town halls, focussed on bespoke podium and featuring agile furniture and folding walls to optimise the flexibility of the space.

After a comprehensive furniture selection process, including showroom visits and handpicking finishes, a variety of stylish, flexible, furniture was chosen, including a storage wall, height-adjustable desks, moveable screens and wheeled project tables. TLT had a goal to reduce their storage by 50%, but by using clever locker and storage combinations we actually reduced it by 70%. Where possible we refurbished and reused existing furniture too.
A mixture of meeting room types service staff and clients alike, with quiet rooms and acoustic panelling ensuring confidentially across the board.

A breakout space is an ideal home for internal events, and different types of agile working areas allow people to work in the way they feel most comfortable. A breakfast bar serves as a central social hub, while clever use of curtaining allows people to rapidly change the ambience and privacy levels of different zones.      

Visitor refreshment point in main reception area with bespoke joinery dividers and soft seating

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