We understand people: how they think, behave, & interact. Choose our data-led office space planning service.

With office space planning, they say “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”, and we’d agree. We use tried, tested and trusted office space planning techniques to find out how your people use the space around them, and how they communicate, collaborate and connect. This is what gives us a true picture of your business and provides a foundation for positive change.

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Expert Office Space Planning | Interaction Office Design

“Office Space Planning explores how your people really work.”

Our proven, methodical process takes nothing for granted. No assumptions are made. We get right under your organisation’s skin to understand how you work and how you use your existing space – or how you might use a new one.

Expert Office Space Planning | Interaction Office Design

“Matching aspiration with optimisation.”

With our expert workplace consultants, first, we look at your organisation’s strengths, challenges, and aspirations. We then apply our powerful combination of workplace planning data analysis and expertise to paint a picture of how an optimised workplace can help you to reach your goals. We’re not afraid to challenge your perceptions. Our evidence-based workplace analysis leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of a workspace that truly delivers.

Expert Office Space Planning | Interaction Office Design

“Promoting a healthy and happy workplace.”

Our analysis is filled with useful insights that help you to promote a healthy and happy workplace, as well as practical guidance on how you can shape your work environment to meet your objectives – after all, workplace analysis is just the starting point for a more people-focused way of working.

Office space planning is step 1 of 3 to getting your business interacting, collaborating and connecting more efficiently. Read about our approach to office design here and how we manage office fit outs and refurbishments here.

Big or small, all change starts with a conversation.

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