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Thrivalism Podcast

Thrivalism: The Conscious Effect: Lessons in Leadership

Thrivalism, a podcast focused on the art of thriving – flourishing and evolving under any conditions.

In this series, you can find out how to create thriving businesses, culture, careers and places. We’ll explore key topics such as: workplace design and build, culture and community, sustainability, and, of course, the future of ‘work’.

Is it time to reconnect?

Natasha Wallace is the author of The Conscious Effect: 50 Lessons in Organisational Wellbeing and CEO of the Conscious Leadership Company. In this episode, we discuss how a breakdown led her to rethink how leaders should connect with themselves and their organisations.

Conscious leaders are a key driving force behind high-performing teams by stimulating an environment of loyalty, commitment and trust. This understanding of what we need in order to thrive at work leads to improved wellbeing and personal and organisational performance.


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