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Thrivalism Podcast

Thrivalism: Taxi! Adventures in Building Culture

Thrivalism, a podcast focused on the art of thriving – flourishing and evolving under any conditions.

In this series, you can find out how to create thriving businesses, culture, careers and places. We’ll explore key topics such as: workplace design and build, culture and community, sustainability, and, of course, the future of ‘work’.

Taxi! Adventures in Building Culture

We caught up with Lucy Sunner, Autocab’s Head of Culture.

Having joined Autocab in a newly-appointed role just in time for the company to be bought by Uber, Lucy dives deep into how workplace culture can be created, harnessed and scaled, especially in the tech sector.

She outlines the role of communication, rituals and “non-transactional” interactions in building a cohesive workplace community, looking at how to surmount the challenges around remote and hybrid working models and how to really understand and act on the needs of employees to create a resilient, forward-thinking organisation.

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