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Thrivalism Podcast

Thrivalism: Pursuing Purpose

Thrivalism, a podcast focused on the art of thriving – flourishing and evolving under any conditions.

In this series, you can find out how to create thriving businesses, culture, careers and places. We’ll explore key topics such as: workplace design and build, culture and community, sustainability, and, of course, the future of ‘work’.

Pursuing Purpose.

To win the hearts and minds of both employees and customers, companies today need to highlight their efforts to be good global citizens. Businesses that build and positively impact their community of employees and customers creates a sense they are a part of something larger and more meaningful than themselves as individuals. 

People who feel a sense of purpose and community, particularly where their individual values line up with the company, are more loyal, more productive and happier – ultimately the business is more successful.  

In this episode we’re joined by Graham Abbey and Sammy Burt of Farleigh Performance to explore how to build community around common purpose, how to clarify and communicate your business purpose, and we examine the benefits of doing this for employee engagement, productivity, happiness, recruitment and retention.  

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