Project in a Nutshell

Sector: Finance
Location: Bristol
Size: 15,000 sq ft

The Vision

To truly enhance their new workplace, the SunLife team wanted a “wow-factor” design. The brief therefore revolved around creating a unique and modern space, which would also be sympathetic to the building’s traditional use as a soap and vinegar warehouse. 

The Result

The finished result is a modern two-floor space that utilises clean lines and one-of-a-kind touches. To ensure the design harked back to the building’s heritage and waterfront location, the creative minds at Interaction sourced and integrated retro soap advertisements, rustic brick-effect walls, a shipping telegraph and ship wheel.

Unlike any other office space in Bristol, the design combines practicality and visual appeal, but will also facilitate a new working culture for the team by providing more flexible working areas. 

The Key Features

○ A central tree in the breakout space, inspired by the way a trunk’s rings represent age, which also hints at SunLife’s 200 years’ of experience.
○ A varied choice of spaces for working and downtime.
○ The latest technology to make day-to-day tasks far more efficient, such as booking meeting rooms.
○ The incorporation of Manhattan glass to help create a sophisticated loft style, enhance visibility and show off the amazing suite.

The feedback

Throughout the ten-week project, SunLife were impressed with the Interaction team. They were particularly pleased with the unique finish, and are thrilled to have a workplace that stands out and that will help their brand live up to its well-renowned name.

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