What if it was time to revolutionise your workplace?

Posted by Interaction on 30/11/2019

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Interaction discuss what it takes to revolutionise your workplace...

Joined by leading experts in the field we delve into the workplace and how it can be harnessed for success...

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Interaction invited a number of leading companies in the South West to discuss what it takes to revolutionise your workplace and when is the best time to do so. With leading experts in the design and build industry coupled with businesses who have been through their own workplace transformation it made for a very insightful evening around workplace and how best to utilise it to enhance productivity and enjoyment. 

Key speakers included:

Deboarah Wilder - Head of Research and Insight at Interaction
Paul Daniels and Tim Gofton - Senior partners at Royds Withy King
Kim Findlay - A&D Development Manager at Edge Design
Nathan Harris and Hayley Whitlock - Senior designers at Interaction

What was discussed?

The evening covered a range of topics, from the workplace experience and wellbeing to the future of the workplace. Within this there are some key points to remember and take away:

  • Rehumanise the workplace - Bring more humanity into working lives as we redesign the modern workplace for a new era of machines
  • Be aware of wellbeing - We are now 83% more sedentary than in the 1950's, an alarming statistic that will continue to rise unless we revolutionise the way we work. Introduce height adjustable desks and initiatives like walking meetings and better air flow. After all, stress account for 57% of sickness absence, so why not create a workplace that helps to reduce this?
  • Aim to achieve the WELL building standards when considering your office space and how it functions - Light, Comfort, Air, Fitness, Water, Nourishment and Mind
  • Be brave! Don't be afraid to do things differently in your industry with the way you work. 

After some fun networking, great food and some invaluable discussions the evening was a great success and guests left with valuable insights into how to most effectively use the workplace as a tool rather than just a physical setting. 

Clifton Pavilion at night

If you're interested to find out how you could revolutionise your workplace to enhance the way you work then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!