Roundtable with Insider Media

Posted by Interaction on 22/11/2019

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Interaction teamed up with Insider Media for an exclusive Roundtable Event... 

We discussed what it takes to be an exciting company by talking to the best in the South West...

Roundtable rooftop shot | Interaction

Joined by a number of the most exciting companies in the South West we delved into the workplace, where we are today and what we can expect in the future. There is no denying that the workplace can be used as a fantastic tool to enhance the way we work and who we work with, from staff attraction and retention to wellbeing and productivity, the workplace plays its part as a central asset for business success. 

Together we discussed key issues found in the workplace and what can be done to overcome and resolve these. We delved into:

  • Suitable office space - Finding the right space for your business at each stage of the scale up process is important, so make sure to ask lots of questions and talk with experts in this field before diving in.
  • The Stay or Go debate - How do you know if it is the right time to move or whether a refurbishment could be better for your current situation?
  • The Multiple office challenge - It can be difficult maintaining high levels of efficiency with multiple sub regional offices, we looked at how this can be maintained and in most cases improved 
  • Finding the right skills - Finding, attracting and retaining the best talent is a wide spread challenge in business, but the workplace can act as a key tool to help with this. Providing an exciting place to work with the relevant facilities to help your staff excel is key!
  • Cultural change - We are moving into a time where agile working is at the forefront of the business day. Designing a space that supports this is crucial! It is important to create an office space that can tailor to each need and scenario, for example, quiet booths for concentrated working along with collaborative breakout areas for creative brainstorms. 
  • Workplace wellbeing - Increasingly we are putting more focus on our staff wellbeing and happiness. After all, a happy and healthy team will inevitably be more productive, creative and energetic than one that feels stressed and down. Make this a priority!

Insider Media will be releasing an article in their January edition detailing all of the findings of this roundtable event, so do keep an eye out for this. If any of these topic areas spark an interest in you or a burning question then please don't hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!