Most Exciting Companies in the South West

Posted by Interaction on 25/09/2019

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Proud sponsors of the Insider 50 Most Exciting Companies in the South West...

And what a list it is! We've looked into what makes an exciting place to work...

The South West boasts a fantastic array of businesses, from small tech companies to global law firms, and we thought we would partner with Insider Media to find out who really are the most exciting companies in the South West? Which companies are innovating in their fields or have the greatest potential to bring about long term change?

Exciting Workspaces

Designing an exciting place to work.

It’s time to think of the workplace as a tool for change, not just a place to work.

The workplace is ever changing, design is always evolving, the function of the office is continually broadening, and this all brings about new avenues in office design. The modern workplace is no longer just a physical setting where work simply happens, it focuses instead on reflecting core business objectives around people and space.

Forget the days where exciting workplaces conjure the image of the Google HQ, nobody used those slides anyway. Instead, reflect on how the design of your workspace can enable it to become a tool worth investing in, promoting flexibility, creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

People centric design

We believe an exciting place to work is one that puts people at the centre of the space. After all, employees spend a third of their life at work, in a sense it is a second home. It is no wonder then that workplace design is moving towards a more domestic style, blurring the lines between home and work. Focussing so on the employee experience is necessary to drive improved performance, innovation and a sense of belonging. Don’t underestimate the impact of the physical environment on people’s outputs.

Workplaces to support innovation

Multifunctional workspaces are stimulating. Introducing flexibility and innovative features and solutions within the physical workspace will result in employees adopting the same attitude. Shake things up with quiet pods, ad hoc meeting spaces, non-assigned desking, private meetings rooms and social breakouts to encourage collaboration and creativity alongside focus and autonomy.

But don’t forget, an ever evolving workforce requires evolving support. Enable teams and individuals to excel in the spaces available by providing suitable workplace technology. It’s these innovations that create an exciting and dynamic place to work.

It is great to see so many of the companies we have worked with feature in this exclusive list! To find out who made it into the Top 50 Most Exciting Companies in the South West you can download the feature HERE

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