Meet The Team Special Edition: The Newbies

Posted by Interaction on 4/11/2017

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We are a people business.

Interaction is made up of creative and conscientious individuals, who share a passion for creating amazing office designs. We are therefore always keen to welcome the best talent to our team.

By attracting new skill-sets, we ensure that our business is always forward-looking. This is thanks to new personalities bringing different ideas, a keenness to learn and the motivation to produce amazing results – factors which blossom with our unique workspace and ethos.

Due to continued success, in the last couple of months alone four new faces have appeared in our team; Ben Gabriel, Emily Poole, Mary Daykin and James Bradley.

With this in mind, we thought we’d get to know these newbies a little better, and find out what they are looking forward to most about working at Interaction…

Interaction Meet The Team | New Faces 2017

Ben Gabriel, Assistant Site Manager

What were the “newbies” doing before they joined?

Ben: Whilst studying Sports Business Management at University in Sheffield, Ben showed his natural flair for planning and delivering projects. Combined with his bubbly personality, he’s the perfect person to work on-site to help deliver snag free office design and build projects.

Emily: A keen wordsmith with a degree in History from The University of Exeter, Emily has had two previous copywriting roles, including one at Clarks HQ in Street. Taking a step in a new direction (pun intended), Emily wanted to broaden her experience in a more creative setting, with a team of like-minded people.

Mary: With a flair for creativity, Mary is currently an Interior Design student at the University of South Wales. Thanks to Interaction’s existing rapport with the University, she is this year’s Design Intern, which will provide her with a valuable insight into the industry.

James: During his studies in Sports Psychology at Loughborough University, James gained a deep interest in how working environments affect performance. Wanting to put this to good use (along with his transferable skills in research and relationship building), James is set to thrive in his Business Development role.

Emily Poole, Digital Copywriter

Interaction Meet The Team | New Faces 2017

What made you want to join Interaction?

James: “The culture of the company was really important for me when I was looking for a job. Who you’ll be working with also plays a key role, and I could tell that the team here is great!”

Mary: “In my first year at University, I watched a presentation from other students who had previously worked at Interaction – and it looked like a lot of fun!”

Interaction Meet The Team | New Faces 2017

Mary Daykin, Design Intern

What are you most looking forward to?

Emily: “I’m keen to put my marketing and writing experience to good use in helping shape Interaction’s branding and exposure. I also can’t wait to learn more about creative design.”

Ben: “I'm looking forward to working with such a diverse range of people – everyone seems so friendly. Also, working on-site means every day of the week will be varied, so I’m sure the time is going to fly by!”

James Bradley, Business Development Manager

Interaction Meet The Team | New Faces 2017

What has been your highlight so far?

James: “The bar night at the end of my first week was very entertaining – it’s not everyday you see your manager dressed as a pink lady!”

Emily: “It was great to play a role in sharing the news about Interaction’s award win at this year’s Insider Property Awards!”

The four newbies are already finding their feet and getting to grips with the processes behind amazing office design. Their first few weeks were topped off with this year's AGM, which saw the whole team fly to Glasgow and stay in a Castle!

We can't wait to see what they bring to the team, so watch this space...