Meet The Team: Rebecca

Posted by Interaction on 26/07/2017

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I think people have a hard time imagining that there could be a workplace like this. I think it’s lush

My journey to working at Interaction was an interesting one. I studied Event Management in Cardiff. The business side of the course was where I was really excelling, and so that’s what I wanted to look to do. After doing a placement in Business Management at a car rental company, I had an insight into managing finance and logistics, which I enjoyed and wanted to pursue further. 

I found out about Interaction when applying for the Graduate Assistant Project Manager role before I graduated, and thankfully they asked me for an interview. However, in the interim period I found and accepted a job that was closer to home in Swansea. The job ended up taking me to Bristol, I couldn’t get working for Interaction out of my mind, the more research I did the more I wanted to work there. As I had ended up working closer to Bath, I cheekily contacted Interaction again to try and wangle an interview, they said yes, and that was that!

Since then, I’ve worked on some exciting and enjoyable projects as part of my job. I love the amount of responsibility I get in my role, particularly the aspects that are client facing. One of my favourite projects was Rethink in Bristol, because that’s the first live site I saw. It was great because I experienced the reward of seeing the tangible impact that the work I was doing in the office had on live projects. Being on a live site during a project is a different sensation, seeing how everything comes together is so exciting. Meeting the client who is delighted with the result, and seeing the teams in their new workspace working effectively and happily is really satisfying. You spend so much time in work that if you aren’t somewhere that has allows you to fulfil your potential, then that can have such a negative impact on wellbeing and productivity.

Whether it’s work or play, being a part of the Interaction team means there is always a new opportunity to do something different. Recently I had the opportunity to run a project as Site Manager for Vistair in Bristol. This gave me an insight into what it’s like running a live site and managing a large team; an important experience to broaden my knowledge in my role. On the social side of things, I organised last year’s team entry for Tough Mudder. Being able to bring the team together for such a good laugh was definitely a highlight. I love being part of a company who are so active and place such an importance on socialising and wellbeing.

The working environment at Interaction in unlike anywhere I’ve experienced before. I think people have a hard time imagining that there could be a workplace like this. When I came for my interviews and everyone was so relaxed, I assumed it was because it was the end of the week. To my surprise, when I started a few months later it was the same! Everyone was really friendly and informal, but with such a phenomenal work ethic. Being in a working environment that considers my wellbeing means I can be much more productive, and actually enjoy my working days, i'm looking forward to more exciting times at Interaction!