Meet The Team: Nathan

Posted by Interaction on 15/01/2018

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“I love the thought that I’m improving the world bit by bit…"

Part of the team for nearly two years, designer and Brummie Nathan Harris thrives on the fact he is able to put something creative into the world, through designing workspaces that truly cater for the individuals that work in them. His role directly improves the way that people work – and therefore their wider lifestyles too.

Why do you like being a part of the design team at Interaction?

“I love that my role as a designer is so varied. Every day is different and could include space planning, specifying, visiting suppliers and creating digital visuals. I particularly love the strategy that lies behind designs. When you’re designing, you naturally think about the way it will affect how people work. As designers, we can physically change how people move and interact – not many people can say they do that as part of their day job!

"I also enjoy the conceptual thinking that goes into our workplace designs and creating themes that reflect the sector that a business is in. For example, for Vistair (the aviation technology company based in Bristol) we worked on an airport-based concept. We therefore included aeroplane graphics on all of the walls and a breakout space that looks like an airport lounge, amongst other creative features.”

How has the company changed since you started?

“The key transformation I have seen in the past two years is the diversification of projects - we're now creating spaces for a wider range of clients, regardless of their size, sector or working culture. I've also seen the widening of the geographic area we focus on, with workspaces being created further North, in locations such as Birmingham and Manchester.

"In 2016, we saw a particular increase in our work with technology start-ups, especially those based in Bristol, such as Reach Robotics. I love designing for this type of client, as they are like-minded when it comes to creativity and innovation. Plus, when the projects are finished, seeing the teams utilising their new creative workplaces is always a proud moment.” 

Desso Factory Visit, September 2017 | Interaction

What trends do you predict for workplace design and build in 2018?

“Following the evolution of visualisation techniques last year, I’m looking forward to further opportunities surrounding 3D. We’ve already seen the development of showing clients designs in more varied ways, and I think this theme will continue. The design and build sector is becoming more interactive and instantaneous when it comes to showing clients what their new space may look like – and this is great for companies like ours that aim to nurture client relationships with the successful communication and presentation of ideas and plans.

"I’m also keen to see the continuation of the workplace becoming more relaxed, and the promotion of a better balance between work and home. Jobs today don’t have to mean sitting at a desk all day, and the best workplaces are now designed around the individuals that work in them. As a designer at Interaction, it's rewarding to shape this liberalisation of the work environment, as it’s great for promoting wellbeing and stimulating the true potential of a workforce."