Meet The Team: Jake

Posted by Jake Green on 11/07/2016

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When I tell my friends what it’s like working at Interaction I don’t think they believe me. Perhaps it sounds like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. 

To some people it probably sounds too good to be true and that I’m ‘lucky’ to have secured my first accountancy job with a company like this. But some of my ‘luck’ and the story of why I wanted to work here is partly due to the apprenticeship I did before coming here.

Office design blog | Meet the team | Jake Green

I had always enjoyed Maths at school

I was keen to get into accountancy but I faced the all too familiar problem – I couldn’t get a job I wanted without experience and I couldn’t get the experience without a job. So upon leaving school, I secured an apprenticeship. During this time I was able to acquire that invaluable experience and I also learnt that my working environment was really important to me. I knew I wanted to work in a spacious office, for an energetic and fun company. 

Having successfully completed my apprenticeship and established that I would like to work in Bath, I came across a vacancy for an Accounts Assistant at Interaction. Just from looking at the website before my interview, I felt it was going to be the place for me.  Reading about the open-plan office, the gym, the bar and the absence of set desks really attracted me before I had even stepped through the door. Upon arriving at the interview I realised it was as good as the website had portrayed. It was a bright place with open space to work. No partitions or dark and dull areas. 

After successfully completing an interview, a maths test, and a trial shift in the accounts department, I was offered the job and I immediately accepted it. That was in September 2015 and I feel just as fortunate then, as I do now.  My day-to-day job involves processing expenses, paying invoices and managing credit control.

I enjoy the work, the responsibilities I’ve been given and being in a happy working environment.

Office design blog | Meet the team | Jake Green

Interaction Time

It’s hard to understand how different the culture is if you have never worked in an office like Interaction, but we have some key ideas that I think any office could incorporate into their culture. 
Every two weeks we gather the whole office together for ‘Interaction Time’. During which we chat about what’s going on in the business. We find out the progress on current projects. Everything is openly discussed and the atmosphere encourages everyone to chip in. It’s informative and makes you feel that we are all working together.

We are also encouraged to take a break from our desk for lunch. We have full use of the kitchen and a large breakout area where a group of us can sit and eat together. This is where we often chat and can have a bit of fun before returning to our work. 

Involving everyone in Interaction’s office design and build projects is really valuable too. Working in accounts means there really isn’t any need for me to see our finished client’s office. However, occasionally we do get the chance to visit completed offices. For example, I recently went with the team to Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV) newly refurbished office in Bristol. It was fantastic to really see that Interaction had designed it.  I could appreciate our style and the way we had designed it for the people and their workspace. Their tea point area actually reminded me of our office as it was located at the back of the room, away from all the desks: encouraging staff to get up and move away from their desk. From this simple trip, I now have a greater understanding of what we do as a business and I think that brings better teamwork.

As you can see I’m happy working here and that’s not just because of the bar and the gym! Those things are just the cherry on the top. My long-term plans are to start my accountancy course in September at Bath College. This will be for 2 nights a week and I hope to start on level 3 the following year. With the support of Interaction, I will be ready to take on more responsibilities and progress.