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Posted by Interaction on 5/10/2016

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Despite the twists and turns of the journey, I've reached a point where I can say I am working in a creative job that I love.

Back in 2003, whilst attending Bournemouth University, I thought getting a job that I enjoyed would be easy. I believed I would finish my degree in 3D design and get a job involved furniture or product design, but this wasn’t the case. Despite the twists and turns along the way, I’ve reached a point where I can say I am working in a creative job that I love. This journey has strengthened my design skills and cemented my desire to work in this creative industry. 

After a few years in London with my girlfriend Caroline (now my wife) straight after University, we decided to move back to Chippenham to find a job and save up for a house. I secured a job in an Engineering company, using my CAD skills but ultimately the work wasn’t inspiring me and not as relevant to my degree as I would have liked. I decided to look for a new challenge and started studying an Interior Design course in Bath whilst working and finally took the plunge to go freelance. 

Office Design Blog | Meet the team | Dan Francis

The start of a new chapter

In 2010, only three months into freelancing I applied for a job as a CAD designer at Interaction and got it! 

So here I am now six years later, having finally floated into a creative job! It’s so funny to reflect back. How my beliefs, skills and knowledge have been challenged and grown.

As a product design student I believed interior design only involved picking cushion covers and fabrics!

Now I’m the Studio Manager of a commercial interior design company. I oversee a team of interior designers and together we design amazing office interiors using great furniture, carpets and only using the occasional cushion.

Perhaps even funnier is my love/hate relationship with the 3D computer software package and how that has developed. I used to loath using it at University however later on I could see it was going to be a really useful tool to have. I learnt how to use it and now it’s a large part of my working day and I love it.

Office Design Blog | Meet the team | Dan Francis

Learning to love 3D 

I am critical of the final pieces I produce and work hard to make sure the 3D visual looks as near to the finished room as possible. 

Can you tell which is a real-life image of ORX's office and which is Dan's visual? 

My knowledge has grown so much that I now teach how to use the package to the interior design students at the University of South Wales. I think knowing how frustrating I found it at first does help when I’m teaching it to others. 

A recent advancement in the technology surrounding design is the up and coming use of Virtual Reality. VR is a cutting edge and interesting tool that can really change the way we design and visualise spaces.

Office Design Blog | Meet the team | Dan Francis

The future of design 

VR provides an immersive experience for clients to envisage their new workspace. We're starting to use it more and more and showcasing our 3D Virtual designs to clients is always a fun experience. 

I’m continuing to learn about it and am excited for the potential of this ever-evolving technology. 


Who knows what twists and turns are ahead. The interior design industry is always changing, always creative, always inspiring, always challenging and always teaching me. But that’s good. That’s what I enjoy.