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Posted by Courtney Rees on 20/06/2016

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The amount I have learnt during this year and the experience I’m gaining is going to be invaluable.

Since September last year, I have been living my childhood dream, working in an Interior Design company. From an early age I have always been interested in experimenting and creating interesting interiors. In my teens, I’d walk around my hometown of Swansea, with my Mum, selecting cushions and fabric to update and create a cosy family home.  My Dad also works in the construction industry, doing commercial fit-outs, so I have been immersed in design from early on.

Office design blog | Meet the team | Courtney Rees

Passion for creativity

This homegrown love for interior design continued through my education. I knew my passion lay in being creative. I loved studying graphics at school and then chose to take an Art and Design BTEC course with an interior design option. 
Successfully completing the BTEC secured me a place on an Interior Design degree course at the University of South Wales. This involves taking a year’s placement to work at an interior design company.

Not everyone takes a placement year, preferring instead to finish the course within the three years. However the amount I have learnt during this year and the experience I’m gaining is going to be invaluable, not only for completing my course but for securing work in the future. If you want to learn and are not afraid to ask a lot of questions then I can’t recommend doing a work placement enough. 

Myself and another student, Charlotte, were offered this placement after a pretty intense process. We were asked to produce a proposal for a building that Interaction had assigned to us. My project was apartments rooms with a Biophilia related theme. It was exciting planning, designing and presenting my finished design. 

Office design blog | Meet the team | Courtney Rees

A big, friendly and happy team

Part of my decision to take a placement at Interaction was I WANTED to work here. It wasn’t only their inspiring portfolio of interior designs that attracted me, it was also the value they put into their people. When we were shown around the office I could feel the atmosphere was special. It’s a big, friendly, happy team. They work hard but they have fun doing it. I was so happy to be offered a place, it meant a lot to me to know they were interested in me as a person.

So here I am now. Living the dream!

I’m commuting everyday to Bath from Bristol. The reality of working full-time is a huge learning experience in itself. It’s definitely not like a Saturday job. There are projects to juggle, deadlines to meet and so much to learn but I love it. 

Office design blog | Meet the team | Courtney Rees

Creating 3D visuals for the design team

I have spent 6 months working with the 3D studio max package. This is such a complicated programme but, with A LOT of help from Dan, the Studio Manager, I have a good working knowledge of how to use it.  If one of the design team wants a 3D visual I can now create them.
Image: 3D visual by Courtney.

For the next six months of my placement I will be working in design.  I’m doing creative space plans, working drawings and I’m out on site more. Being on a client’s site and seeing their office being built is really interesting.  I get to listen to the project managers and ask questions. I can learn about the building’s budget, electrics, and the contractors we use. These are all important things to think about when building an office. It’s not just about the visual design.

The future is exciting. I’m looking forward to developing my skills more, with the help of the Interaction team. My goal is to be given the responsibility of my own project before I leave.  
Then, when I go back to University, I will be putting all that I’ve learnt into my final project.