Looking Back At Our 25th Year: A Platform for the Future

Posted by Interaction on 27/11/2017

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Not many workplace design and build companies have 25 years’ worth of experience...

...and even fewer can boast a team of talented people that all share the motivation to deliver great results. It is this combination of experience, people and passion that has got the business to where it is today.

There is no growth without stability

25 years in the industry brings a host of valuable knowledge and experience. Practice certainly makes perfect – and we have perfected every step of the journey, from building amazing relationships with clients to delivering snag free projects.

Investing in the right people has also furthered the company’s stability; each and every member of our team stands out in terms of energy, creativity and hard work. Individuals grow in tandem with the company, which creates a shared ethos, as well as embodied knowledge and experience that is maintained within the business.

Thanks to the combination of perfected processes and an evolving team, Interaction’s 25th year marks the merging of continued success with optimism for the future.

Interaction Office Design | Our 25th Year

A selection of the snag free projects handed over in our 25th year...

Choice and the route to success

A stable basis and continued success facilitate choice – and therefore the ability to employ only the highest calibre of people, and to work on a more varied array of projects; two factors that will help our business to grow, and are doing so already.

For example, in the past year alone, our team has significantly grown and numerous snag free projects have been delivered – one of which includes The Castle project for money.co.uk, which won Office Refurbishment of the Year at Insider’s 2017 Property Awards.

Reflecting on the award win at this year's Insider Property Awards, Studio Manager Hayley Whitlock said how: "We knew what a great project The Castle was and how much it changed the work lives of the money.co.uk staff, but it was so great to receive recognition from our peers...needless to say it was bubbles all round to celebrate!"

Interaction Office Design | Our 25th Year

It all comes back to the people

Growth, stability and success would not be possible without the relationships that lie at the heart of Interaction. This includes the affinity between colleagues, suppliers, sub contractors and clients, which helps to facilitate the delivery of consistently good work – and therefore delighted clients!

As a people business, it’s inevitable that those who work hard are rewarded. Aside from working on amazing projects or in the unique Bath workspace, there are frequent social events; for example, in March the office was transformed into an exclusive underground jazz club to celebrate the company’s 25th birthday, and this year’s AGM took the team 412 miles north to a Scottish castle!

Interaction Office Design | Our 25th Year

Designer Zoe Parr commented on this year's AGM: "It was a great time to get together and celebrate all of our hard work this year - a highlight was definitely dressing up for the Black Tie evening!"

Looking towards the future

With the 25th year marking a point of significant change for the team, there is a sense of newfound confidence to do even greater things. This will revolve around more choices; to choose even more talent to join the company and to extend the reach of work with larger projects in new and further afield locations.

Founder Paul Haskins summarises how “the experience and hard work of the past quarter century have truly been amalgamated in our 25th year, which now acts as a stable springboard for further growth and success”.

Now really is the time for us to get excited about the future direction of the business and workplace design, and for the many possibilities that lie ahead…