What If... Showcasing Our Special Spoken Word Video

Posted by Interaction on 01/03/2017

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Spoken Word Poem 

You know when you’re at work if
you’re queuing for the kettle
standing awkwardly in silence
clinging to your vessel
and no one says a word

Seconds feel like they’re minutes
minutes feel… timeless
and all the coffee in the world
couldn’t help focus on assignments

You’re eating lunch alone  
in amongst detritus
swivelling at your desk
left to your own devices

Trying to work
but dreaming of recliners
back bent like a tombstone
posture practically spineless

You’re constantly overwhelmed
with urgent reminders
and passive-aggressive-post-it-notes
stuck to stacks of ring-binders

It seems when we’re at work we only acknowledge each other
out of fear of impoliteness
so how-on-earth do we ask for guidance
if no one socialises

We haven’t learnt that the difference between failure and success
can simply be kindness
because sometimes to recognise our worth
we need someone to remind us

Knowledge can be transferred
but to be shared it must be incited
so if boundaries were blurred
we’d all be united

And then maybe we’d converse
where once we were divided
and inspiration would be ignited
for we have collaboratively collided

Inside us all is the ability to question, to reflect and ask ‘what if’

What if it was time to change, to do things differently,
to be brave and create change because change brings ingenuity?

What if improving well-being was as important as productivity?

What if four walls didn’t confine our creativity?

Well the possibilities are infinitely perpetual
and once we begin to fulfil our potential
we’ll look back and remember how things were before
the moment we came to understand
that ‘Together we are more’.

Performed by Rob Carnie
Video Production by Jooka