Taking on Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

Posted by Interaction on 08/06/2017

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Another year, another Clerkenwell Design Week! 

This year everyone pulled out all of the stops to create a fun-filled, jam-packed CDW festival. The Interaction attendees of the event, every year, are split up into teams and given a set of Twitter challenges to be completed throughout the day. Meet the teams below, and see some of our personal highlights from the famous event! 

Meet the teams...

CDW 2017 | Design London | Clerkenwell

Name: PowerRangers

Who: Gary, Cat, Rose and Rasa

#powerangers favourite talk... 

"We popped into Desso’s showroom to attend the ‘Colourful People’ Workshop hosted by Andrew Thomas, which explored the personalities and working style we see in offices today and how to potentially spot them. 

This interesting talk explained the ‘DiSC’ model, a theory that people tend to develop a self-concept based on one of four factors: Dominance (green), Inducement (red), Steadiness (blue) or Compliance (yellow).

After learning about this personality profile, and trying to figure out what category we fell into, Andrew explained the different working styles for each one. For us, this was the most interesting part, how different personalities think and react to a working environment.

An overall great insight into the behaviours and understanding different personalities. What colour are you…?"

CDW 2017 | Design London | Clerkenwell

Name: PowerPuff Girls

Who: Danielle, Zoe and Hayley 

#PowerPuffGirls favourite showroom...

"Our favourite showroom was Frovi because we got time with our rep (Scott) to talk us through the space. We got to meet their in house designer to discuss the concept behind the new products and future developments. 

“Relic” was the new product family that really stood out, the tables are at dining and poseur height with a natural timber top and powder coated legs. Additionally the accompanying stools had a really nice stitching detail. The “Jig” family now has a credenza which can house a fridge, be used as a room divider and can also accommodate seat pads which will fabric match the door handle. 

We are really excited to see the new showroom in October!"

CDW 2017 | Design London | Clerkenwell

Hey DW

Who: Justine, Nathan, Bronwyn and Meg

#HeyDW Highlights...

"There were so many highlights from the event, generally it was really great to see all of the new and innovative products on display. One of the products that stood out to us was the new Spacestor Palisades, which would be more of a joinery item, but this comes as a standard product and gives different options to tailor to the clients' needs.

Interacting with suppliers is always important to us, and we particularly enjoyed making badges with Altro and cruising in the amazing Spacestor VW camper!

One of the things that struck us was the amount of inspiring local independent companies that were on show. Particularly Jennifer Newman, who had some really interesting breakout furniture, and we’ve arranged to get some more info about these products.

We enjoyed seeing the amount of tech on display, notably 3D printing, which has been used to make prosthetic limbs, houses and even food!"