Interaction AGM 2016

Posted by Interaction on 06/06/2016

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The Interaction AGM is one of our favourite times of the year!

What and why? 

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a compulsory event that provides a chance for our whole team to come together and talk about what happened in the previous year and the plans for the following year. Not to mention that it’s an opportunity to kick back and have fun! We usually stay away for two nights and partake in some sort of activity in that time, no one except for a select few know where we are going prior to the AGM. Paul Haskins, Founder of Interaction, tells why it is such an important event;

“Well, it's all about the Interaction. We place such a large emphasis on the AGM as it encourages everyone to get involved with the direction of the business and have an input. Setting the place names for the final dinner is always a simple task, as absolutely everyone gets on. That says it all. Here's to the 24th AGM next year... it's already being planned.”

What happens at the AGM...

We all got on the bus and there was a palpable sense of excitement mixed with slight trepidation as many began to speculate about where we’re going, suggestions of Cornwall, Devon, Exmoor rang around the bus. The sat nav said the journey would take 3 hours, immediately people got onto a variety of online maps to see where we might be going. All of a sudden we were off, to a destination in which only a few knew. Some people settled and had a quick nap whilst many remained alert and watched the different shades of green and grey fly past. 

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After 3 hours, bus games, a brief stop and many sleepy passengers we finally arrived at our destination. As we could see from the signs we were in Devon, specifically near Bideford. As we stepped off the bus we were greeted with a large house (and our Directors), the excitement now rushing through us all as we ate our way through some pastries on arrival. It was hard not to look around, some noticed the large outdoor swimming pool but we had the AGM meeting to get on with. 

The meeting proceeded, with Paul reminding us why we’re all here. One of the first things was a 20 question quiz with expansive questions all about Interaction. We then learnt all about the previous year and learnt about the plans for next year. There was also an interesting video created by the Directors about the history of Interaction. Dieter, our MD explained our general plans and aims for the rest of the year and the following year. Whilst Hayley, our Sales and Marketing director talked about digital marketing and future marketing opportunities. 

Office design blog | Meet the team | Interaction AGM

Whose chin is that?

That evening we all got dressed up for our black tie dinner for a night of socialising, relaxing in the hot tub and eating a lot! We did another quiz at dinner involving ‘whose chin is that?’ and identifying projects from close up pictures. The evening was a success, a real buzz was created and everyone came together to have a good time. 

The following day we were told to wear sports clothes that we didn’t mind getting a ‘little’ muddy for our activity. We all gathered looking a little weary but up for it despite not knowing what the activity was. On our way it was announced that we would be doing high ropes and a ‘total wipeout’ style obstacle course, scanning the bus this announcement lit up some people’s faces whilst filling others with dread. We split into two teams, one of us doing the high ropes first and another doing the obstacle course. Everyone had a good go at everything whilst not forcing anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do. We all helped each other out but it’s fair to say everyone's competitive side came out when they started to time our laps on the obstacle course. 

After we all dried off and put all of our shoes on the radiator, we began to prepare for a BBQ. Everyone had their own jobs, we made most things from scratch and a little bit of rain didn’t stop us. Before we tucked into our food we all got into our fancy dress costumes, a fair few laughs were had when some of the outfits were revealed. 

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Fancy dress

There was a variety of themes and characters. To list a few we had: the Flintstones, Ab Fab, a mermaid, Star Wars, the Spice Girls, an explorer, Mr Incredible, 'Rock, paper, scissors' and a group a hippies. 

We all voted on our favourite costume, the top four then got voted by our followers on our social media. We can now reveal the winner is... Hayley as Rey and BB8!

Although we were still on a come down from our activities everyone was in good spirits and enjoyed a more relaxed evening. We enjoyed playing a variety of games including human hungry hippos which was good fun. Many people relaxed in the indoor pool and hot tub to wind down after a long day. 

In the morning it was time to leave and step back on the bus back to Bath. All of our bodies filled with aches and pains, some looking worse for wear, but still a smile on our faces. Looking forward to next year already… 

“Having the AGM in only my fourth week of working at Interaction was slightly unnerving but a fantastic opportunity to get to know people outside of work with a fun time guaranteed.”  

Sam Douglas-Jones, Interaction