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Posted by Interaction on 07/02/2019

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A chat with this year's interns...

Every year, we welcome interior design students from The University of South Wales to join the team for a year-long internship.

This year’s design interns are Georgia and Laura, so we thought we’d get to know them a little bit better...

Georgia Salter-Randall | Intern
Laura Stephens | Intern

Why are you studying interior design?

Laura: “I definitely wanted to study something creative and artistic as they were the areas that I thrived in at school. I leaned towards interior design after I was introduced to set design and 3D drawing during my A levels. I then researched architecture and interior design university courses."

What made you apply for the internship at Interaction?

Georgia: "In my first freshers' week, different companies gave a presentation on the benefit of doing a work placement - and Interaction definitely stood out! Every person I spoke to that had done the placement with the company had so many positive things to say. It was a no-brainer to apply."

Interaction Internships | University South Wales

One of Laura's project highlights has been designing the chapel and quiet garden for the diocese in Wells.


What interests you about interior design?

Georgia: "I love that with interior design you can completely change a space - not just in its look but in its use too. By doing this, you can really challenge people to live and work in different ways. We are all associated within interiors daily so why not make those spaces inspirational and somewhere you want to be?! I think it’s nice that the interior design industry is always changing - there's always a new space to admire."

What sort of things have you been learning?

Laura: "I've definitely expanded my knowledge on CAD. I've been trained on 3DS max and editing visuals in photoshop - skills that will definitely come in handy back at uni and throughout my career!"

Interaction Internships | University South Wales

Georgia's favourite project to work on has been Team Eleven in Bradford-on-Avon because "it's such a unique and interesting building - with great clients".

What has your "social" highlight been so far?

Georgia: "AGM!!! By far this has been my highlight - it was the most incredible 4 days away and definitely helped me to get settled in and get to know everyone. I didn’t stop smiling and will never forget it".

Are you looking forward to going back to uni?

Laura: "Yes - and using all of the skills I have learnt while at interaction. This year has benefited me massively and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a career in interior design".

Georgia, Laura and others at Runway  East Bristol
Laura and Georgia at Runway East Bristol
Georgia and Laura at Runway East Bristol

Thanks to their natural talent for design, Laura and Georgia have both been offered full time positions after they finish their final year - exciting times!