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Posted by Interaction on 28/06/2019

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Our thoughts on Coworking...

Following our CAT B fit out of the Runway East Bristol hub, we were asked by Bristol Life for our view on coworking and what it takes to build a successful coworking hub...

Coworking Hub | Bristol | Runway East

Bristol Life asked: How do you build a great hub?

"Facilitated by a growing gig economy and the emergence of flexible working, coworking has quickly become a critical part of the evolving workplace. With a continued shortage of commercial space coinciding with demands for more flexible form of working, coworking is set to continue to grow. 

"The real secret behind designing a great coworking hub is understanding its people and its community. Coworking is centred on creating spaces that support collaboration, openness, knowledge sharing, innovation, and the user experience. 

"The Runway East Bristol hub's success is a result of marrying up a people-centred ethos with a design and build that is both fit for purpose and inspirational. It was specifically designed and built to inject energy, fun and collaboration into their members' work. The result is a modern coworking environment - one for both established and younger companies in Bristol's ever-developing business sector."