How to take on Clerkenwell Design Week

Posted by Interaction on 09/06/2016

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Clerkenwell Design Week; an educational and fun day out.

Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) is a design festival where businesses, architects designers and creatives open their doors to celebrate everything design. It’s a chance to showcase the talent of this community, with open studios, workshops, discussions and some fun. We sent our Interaction team to this popular event and split them into separate groups, giving them various suppliers to visit and challenges to complete whilst they were there. Including taking over Interaction's Twitter feed...

Meet the teams...

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 | Office design blog | Design festival


Who: Alice, Hayley, Nathan, Becca

#SoberSue highlights… 

"Around half of Team Interaction went up to London with challenges and ‘selfie-props’ created by our wonderful marketing team for a big day out at Clerkenwell Design Week. We started off at Connection and met the bubbly and incredibly fun Debbie who showed us their new collection ‘Rooms’. The Room is an enclave, which you personalise with colour, texture, acoustics and AV. Each Room is a blank canvas to create different isolated spaces to meet, focus, socialise and collaborate – an incredibly versatile product. 

Another personal highlight was the presentation at Boss Design by Claire Williams, ‘Affordance, assumption and anthropology’, which essentially discussed how the study of human nature could guide the design for furniture. How as humans, we have the functions on a task chair to adjust the furniture to our comfort and needs, but more often than not, people don’t – we sit on what we are given.

To summarise, it was an incredibly educational and fun day out with the team. There was amazing food, drinks and new design products that we can’t wait to show and inspire our current and future clients with."

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 | Office design blog | Design festival


Who: Egle, Sara, Ollie

#Clerkenwell-I-Never’s favourite showroom…

"A busy day of showroom visits at the Clerkenwell Design Week is exhausting - trying to get around as many existing and new suppliers as possible to ensure we head home with a stack of great design ideas for our clients. Making our task easier were the welcoming reps, the new products being showcased well, and the refreshments (less time spent in coffee shops means more time spent in showrooms!) The guys that did this best on our Clerkenwell route were FROVI! 

Through a hot-pink 5 Bar Field Gate, we entered Frovi Farm and were shown loads of new ideas including a meeting pod in a shed, solo pods with wheels and lots more new breakout furniture... all whilst sitting on bales of hay with a glass of cider from Frovi’s home town of Moreton in Marsh. All the new products were on display to try out, and our reps, Dominic and Scott, got stuck in to our crazy Interaction challenges. Thanks Frovi – we had a blast!"

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 | Office design blog | Design festival

Name: BorneWinners

Who: Mike, Justine, Danielle, Courtney

#BorneWinners favourite talk…

"We really enjoyed OCEE’s “Design Guide to Office Acoustics” held by Rosalind Lambert-Porter, an experienced acoustics consultant specialising in workplace noise, psychoacoustics and building acoustics. The talk focused on different types of sound and noise and how they affect us in the office. Rosalind described noise as being “unwanted sound” for example, people talking loudly or the noise of a printer, which can be distracting to employees.

Another area of the talk focused on speech intelligibility vs. speech privacy. Speech intelligibility is a measure of how comprehensible speech is in given conditions such as the level of background noise and reverberation. Whereas speech privacy is the inability of an unintentional listener to understand another person’s conversation.

We found the talk really interesting as office acoustics can sometimes be overlooked and it’s a vital part of our work when redesigning office spaces."

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 | Office design blog | Design festival

Name: Doyoulikeapples

Who: Heidi, Charlotte, Kaiser

#Doyoulikeapples favourite showroom…

"Our favourite product while visiting the showrooms of Clerkenwell design week would have to be the launch of Frem Group’s new product Matrix 6. The Matrix 6 is a flexible collection of soft seating with embedded technology including; multi-touch, personalisation, meeting duration monitoring and space utilisation which in turn actually helps increase employee focus and workplace productivity. 

We were even able to meet the designer, Rock Galphin, who demonstrated the integrated technology by doodling on the touch screen. A real fun but proactive way to work." 

The teams had an amazing day at Clerkenwell Design Week 2016. To see what else we get up to, follow us on Twitter!