Our Managing Director, Dieter Wood, gives us an insight into all things snag free

Posted by Interaction on 21/07/2016

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Having a snag free culture is absolutely key to our clients' delight.

At Interaction our aim is client delight and we understand snag free is a key element in this. But what does snag free mean and how do we do it? Dieter Wood, our Managing Director, gives us an insight into his passion for delivering projects snag free. 

How to deliver a workspace snag free | Office design blog

What is a snag? 

When asked, most people would say a snag is a piece of defective work on a completed project. We would say it’s broader than that, there can be many different types of snags, and can be caused by a variety of things. 

A snag simply is the result of many causes prior to completion. 
These can include: 

  • Misaligned expectations where not every party or stakeholder has the same objective or understanding of the brief or solution
  • Delays to decisions caused by not providing sufficient and clear information or the time to engage with stakeholders
  • Interface and sequencing of trades and materials where each element of the work may be correct, but how the multiple elements work together hasn't been considered 

Lastly, workmanship imperfections can bring up problems, although with the right supply chain and site management this is never an issue.

Why did we make snag free a core objective? 

Like any business, you’ve got to think about what your core proposition is - ours is delivering workplaces. The key performance indicators are delivering workplaces on time and snag free. As the handover date is a critical path for our clients, being late is never an option. The focus is on how free from snags will the project be when handing over. Snag free is the pinnacle of all project management and design because it’s the true interface between us, our clients, contractors and suppliers. It’s this relationship that is at the heart of Interaction’s core proposition, and that's how the name 'Interaction' was conceived back in 1992. 

It’s funny, because we deliver snag free a lot, it’s become a bit of a thing that we talk about, and for good reason. The things that could upset our clients and the whole team more than anything is snagging. It is vital we resolve any snag effectively and swiftly for our clients. 

We will never have a culture where people accept that snagging is inevitable. We disagree with the old adage ‘there’s always a bit of snagging’, we say it’s always avoidable. 

How to deliver a workspace snag free | Office design blog

Why does snag free matter? 

Having a snag free culture and placing an importance on snag free helps us with every single aspect of the business and is absolutely key to our success. It runs through everything we do. Snag free creates delighted clients who rave about our business to others and become repeat customers. Providing snag free projects makes us happier too, it is very rewarding.


Sure, we want to create great designs, have great clients and deliver amazing projects. These three things are imperative but they are not possible without a snag free culture.

In essence, nothing upsets me more than a snag - and nothing delights me more than delivering snag free projects. Having our culture focused upon this deliverable means I can only see us celebrating further with our clients as we produce even more snag free projects for them.

How easy is it for a project to be snag free? 

It’s extremely hard. It is difficult because it requires all elements to be completely aligned. To bring a refurbishment or fit-out to a ‘snag free status’ requires the whole project to be managed with the right approach and attitude. The team needs enthusiasm, motivation and a very keen eye for detail. The project managers need to use the right contractors and suppliers and also align expectations between them all. Ensuring things are done in the right sequence and that every single element of the office build has been thought about is key. We continually question and reassess the brief to make sure it’s understood and met. Aligning all these project elements is incredibly difficult and some people in the industry might submit to it being impossible. 

How to deliver a workspace snag free | Office design blog

"The project was delivered snag free, on time and on budget... I unreservedly recommend Interaction and look forward to working with them again in the near future."

Mark Henderson, Group and Facilities Manager, Civica


How do we do it then…

We created an approach which dictates the way we work based upon the acronym DODERCO, a term we created which stands for ‘Design Out Defects - Eliminate Risks - Create Opportunity’. The 'opportunity' is embraced by our clients with whom we take time to include and inform on the many aspects of the project, so as they learn more, they are able to steer the specification and get exactly what they want. 

DODERCO is an attitude, it’s our culture, it is not a process - it’s making sure that we both have the time and the drive to make snag free possible. If you don’t have this culture then you may still deliver a project that will tick all the boxes. But we don’t just want to tick boxes, we want to raise expectations and deliver. That difference can be seen when the client walks into their office, excited, enthusiastic and ultimately - delighted. An office that is so much more than just a space, that can make a huge difference to their business.

How successful are we at delivering snag free projects? 

This year we have delivered a greater proportion of snag free projects than ever before. My aspirations are to deliver 100% snag free - what we’re doing at the moment is amazing, and I can only seeing this proportion getting higher and higher. That's why we continue to celebrate delivering snag free and aspiring that all our clients are delighted. 

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